Enhanced Options

If you are looking for more options for eBooks you might want to consider these options.


Issu is a great content sharing platform which allows you to upload a PDF version of your ebook for digital viewing using an attractive FLIP Page format.

The basic service is free (but supported with advertising). Ad-free options are available at a reasonable price.

ISSU allows the publisher (but not the reader) to order print copies.

The TOP example on the right was created by linking a screenshot image for the first page of the book to an ISSU published LINK/URL.

The BOTTOM example on the right uses the embed code for a SINGLE page version of an ISSUE publication. (Two page format is also available)

ISSU would allow you (the author) to purchase color print versions of this book for around $20.00 for one copy with a discount for multiple copy.

Flip Snack

Flip Snack is another option for displaying digital content. It allows you to create and/or to upload your contact as a PDF or series of jpgs. It has both fee and paid versions available with varying options.

On the right you can view the FlipSnack direct link.

Below you can see the embeddd version of FlipSnack for our eBook.


You can upload your PDF directly to VoiceThread. This allows you to add voice (such as children reading their stories via audio or adding video comments, which can add additiona interactivity. https://ed.voicethread.com/share/11253110/

VoiceThread allows many different interactive features for the reader and the author.

You can updload

LULU Publishing Service

LULU allows you to make your book available for others to download for free, or for others to purchase print copies of.

You can set up your books so that others can order directly from them. You decide how much to charge for your books.

I created a very quick 9 X 6 version of the Fire Truck book so that you can see what a purchasing options might look like for your community.