Classroom Management in the Digital Age

Effective Practices for Technology-Rich Learning Spaces

Many teachers are confident in their teaching, but less so with technology, creating anxiety around their ability to adapt to the changing education landscape.

This book will remind seasoned educators there are many tried-and-true practices on which they can continue to rely, while also offering tips and tricks to deal with the nuances of technology-rich classrooms.

Welcome to Education in the Digital Age

In Classroom Management in the Digital age, Heather Dowd and Patrick Green guide and support teachers as they establish device-rich classrooms. Providing practical strategies to novice and expert educators, K-12, this book show you how to update your teaching practices.

Classroom Procedures

Processes and procedures you can use to ensure your classroom runs smoothly and efficiently.

Rules and Expectations

Advice about rules you may want to enforce in your classroom regarding technology.

Teaching Tips and Strategies

Strategies you can use in your teaching practice as you plan for learning activities.

Partnering with Parents

Ideas for communicating with parents about your 1:1 classroom.

Heather Dowd and Patrick Green Talk About the Book

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Praise for Classroom Management in the Digital Age

"Educators are always on the lookout for treasures to enhance their teaching; this one is gold!"

Robyn Treyvaud, Founder; Cyber Safe Kids

“From two leading practitioners with firsthand experience, Heather Dowd and Patrick Green’s book is a rich resource and reference point for educators engaging with mobile technology in a 1:1 environment. "

John Mikton, Director of e-Learning at Inter-Community School Zurich

"In an environment where electronic tools offer incredible opportunity and potential distraction, this will prove to be a go-to resource for new and experienced teachers as they seek to harness the power of a digital-rich classroom.”

Devin Pratt , Assistant Head of School at Frankfurt International School

“Classroom Management in the Digital Age is perfect for teachers and schools looking for a practical guide on managing devices in the classroom! Heather and Patrick’s book is full of easy-to-implement strategies, tips and resources to make every technology-rich classroom environment more efficient and effective. Two highly experienced educators, writing specifically for teachers, not only makes this guide immediately useful and relevant, but also a pleasure to read. Having had the fortune to work with Heather and Patrick on many occasions, I can’t think of anyone else better equipped to support teachers in such an approachable and easy-to-read manner. Classroom Management in the Digital Age is the practical guidebook that teachers in technology-rich classrooms have been searching for!”

—Kim Cofino, Director of Learning and COO at Eduro