Accepted papers

Best Paper Award

The best paper accepted at the workshop gained the prize of 500 USD + 500 USD worth of Huawei cloud credits (HUAWEI):

A Tale of Two CILs: The Connections between Class Incremental Learning and Class Imbalanced Learning, and Beyond

He, Chen; Wang, Ruiping; Chen, XilinOstapenko


These works have been accepted for release in the proceedings and are presented by means of a poster session in the workshop.

Accepted findings

These works have been accepted in the workshop as interesting "findings" but they will not be released in the proceedings nor they will be presented during the workshop. However, they will appear on the website along with the camera-ready version prepared by the 10th of June.

Continuum: Simple Management of Complex Continual Learning Scenarios

Douillard, Arthur; Lesort, Timothee

Continual Learning From Unlabeled Data Via Deep Clustering

He, Jiangpeng; Zhu, Fengqing Maggie

AlterSGD: Finding Flat Minima for Continual Learning by Alternative Training

Huang, Zhongzhan; Liang, Mingfu; Liang, Senwei; He, Wei

Dynamic VAEs with Generative Replay for Continual Zero-shot Learning


DER: Dynamically Expandable Representation for Class Incremental Learning

Yan, Shipeng; Xie, Jiangwei; He, Xuming

Continual learning with fully probabilistic models

Pfülb, Benedikt; Gepperth, Alexander; Bagus, Benedikt

Continual Learning on the Edge with TensorFlow Lite

Demosthenous, Giorgos; Vassiliades, Vassilis

Incremental Generative Replay Embedding Toward an Effective Continual Learning Framework

Tong, JunYong; Shafiee, Mohammad Javad; Fieguth, Paul

Domain Adaptation and Active Learning for Fine-Grained Recognition in the Field of Biodiversity

Gruner, Bernd; Körschens, Matthias; Barz, Björn; Denzler, Joachim

Continual Learning of 3D Point Cloud Generators

Sadowski, Michał; Piczak, Karol; Spurek, PRzemysław; Trzcinski, Tomasz

Learning in a Changing Environment: Memory Strategies for Streaming Learning under Distributional Shifts

Volpi, Riccardo ; De Souza, Cesar R; Kalantidis, Yannis; Larlus, Diane; Rogez, Gregory

IIRC: Incremental Implicitly-Refined Classification

Abdelsalam, Mohamed A; Faramarzi, Mojtaba; Sodhani, Shagun; Chandar, Sarath

Towards modular continual learning with local module selection.

Ostapenko, Oleksiy; Rodriguez, Pau; Caccia, Massimo; Charlin, Laurent

Understanding Continual Learning Settings with Data Distribution Drift Analysis

Lesort, Timothee; Caccia, Massimo; Rish, Irina

Embeddings learned through traditional supervised learning can be used for continual learning

Amenabar, Sebastian; Lobel, Hans

Self-supervised Continual Pretraining for Class Incremental Image Classification

Nakata, Hikaru; Inoue, Nakamasa; Yokota, Rio