Challenge Winners


The winners of the challenge, sponsored by Intel Labs China are:

All categories (800$): UT_LG

Batch-level Experience Replay with Review for Continual Learning

Zheda Mai, Hyunwoo Kim, Jihwan Jeong, Scott Sanner

NI (500$): ICT_VIPL

CLVision Challenge Factsheet for Team ICT VIPL

Chen He, Qiyang Wan, Fengyuan Yang, Ruiping Wang, Shiguang Shan, Xilin Chen

MT-NC (500$): YC14600

Discriminative Representation Loss (DRL) for Continual Learning: A Solution for CLVision Challenge

Yu Chen, Jian Ma, HanYuan Wang, Jordan Massiah, Tom Diethe Amazon, YuHang Ming

NIC (500$): jodelet

Online Transfer Learning using Logistic Regression and Rehearsal

Quentin Jodelet, Vincent Gripon, and Tsuyoshi Murata


We would also like to congratulate the finalists:

Retraining Image Classification Model with Ensemble Networks and Episodic Memories in Three Continual Learning Scenarios

Soonyong Song, Heechul Bae, Hyonyoung Han, Youngsung Son

(NoobMaster) Report for CLVision Challenge

Zhaoyang Wu,Yilin Shao, Jiaxuan Zhao, Bingnan Hu

Modest Convolutional Neural Networks on Continual Learning

Vahit Bugra Yesilkaynak, Firat Oncel, Furkan Ozcelik, Yusuf Huseyin Sahin, Gozde Unal

CLVision 2020 Challenge Solution

JunYong Tong, Amir Nazemi, Mohammad Javad Shafiee, Paul Fieguth

EWC for CVPR 2020 Workshop Challenge on Continual Learning in Computer Vision

Haoran Zhu

Elite Training for Continual Learning

Yusuf H. Sahin, Furkan Ozcelik, Firat Oncel, Vahit Bugra Yesilkaynak, Gozde Unal

Continual Learning Deep InfoMax

Giacomo Bonato, Francesco Lakj, Alex Torcinovich, Alessandro Casella