Club Phasikeba

Youth for better Community

Our Story

Club Phasikeba is a non-profit community organization founded by local resident youths of Phasikeba tole on auspicious day of Buddha Jayanti (21 May 2016) with the goal to strengthen and develop the community and promote the common good. Club Phasikeba aims to engage youths in improving our community through a series of social & sporting activities and community programs. Currently, all the household of Ward No. 22 & 24 fall under our working area which may be expanded later.


to strengthen our community and promote the common good

News & Updates

Covid 19 Awareness

7 March 2020 - We would like to inform that we have joined hands with Ward No. 22 in the public awareness campaign against Corona Virus. read more

Kumari Puja IV

13 Sept 2019 -The practice of worshiping young prepubescent girl 'Kumari' has long been practiced in the Newar community. It is believed that worshiping Kumari will prevent disease and calamity. read more

Annual Picnic 2019

Glimpses of annual picnic organized by Club Phasikeba at Dakshinkali on Saturday, 23 March 2019 view album