Club Etiquette

What To Expect when attending A Lifestyle Party:

The first step is showing up to orientation on the night of the party. Orientation is from 5pm-7pm. This is also an opportunity to meet everyone and socialize before the party begins. We encourage everyone to please show up on time so you don’t miss out on the fun. We will go over some basic party etiquette and rules of Club Amorous. Club Amorous is the Nation’s 1st licensed Cannabis Consumption lifestyle club. We have a fully stocked Bud & Dab bar with friendly Knowledgeable budtenders on staff ready to serve you. Club Amorous is also a BYOBud establishment so feel free to bring your own. We also serve Tex Mex & BBQ to satisfy your hunger. You must be 21+ with valid ID to attend.

You may be invited to play games such as Cards Against Humanity and Strip poker to help break the ice but are never required to play. Dj IN-COCK-neatO is excited to provide music for your dancing and listening pleasure. We have plenty of comfy furniture for socializing and getting to know each other. We have semi-private areas for more intimate play. Everything we do is consent based. Participation is always consensual. Please follow the number 1 golden rule of “no means no”. Sex is never required. Many people come out to socialize and watch and just have a good time. We also do not allow any Coprophilia Play (PEE,Poop,blood, or vomit). NO pedophilia role play aloud!!

What To Expect At Your First Club Amorous Party:

The first step is attending the orientation on the night of the party. Please show up on time so you don’t miss our video orientation and membership contracts. We will open doors at 5pm and start orientation at 6pm. We will be going over some basic party etiquette and club Amorous rules. If you do not show up on time you will be expected to still go through the orientation process before attending our parties. This is why it is important to come on time. Once you attend orientation & sign your membership you will not be expected to do orientation again for a year.

Expect the unexpected. You will see people being flogged, spanked, rope and wax play and all those things you've read and fantasized about. You may witness couples role playing with props or paints. You may see simulated or consensual violence. All acts are done with the express permission of all parties and otherwise would not take place. You will see a host of different types of play from different types of people. This is the fun, unedited, world of kink.

Most importantly you will find people, just like you who love this life and what they do. They will be warm and welcoming, prepared to answer your questions (once they are done playing) and make you feel right at home. Everything we do is consent based. Participation is always consensual. It is never required, nor is it expected. Many people come out to socialize and watch and just have a great time.

Simple Etiquette -

Courtesy Always – you will find people whose kink/fetish doesn't match your own. We have a simple outlook on this, "your kink isn't my kink but your kink is ok" You don't have to like what other people do, you're not expected to like everything. Just keep it your opinions to yourself and be courteous.

Preferred Pronoun-

In this lifestyle there are individuals who do not identify themselves with the he/she, her/him that they were born to. It is best to ask someone what pronoun they prefer to be identified by.

Respect Personal Property & Space-

Always ask people before touching them whether its hugging someone even if you know them. If you are interested in somebody's toy ask before you pick it up to check it out.

Respect Individuality –

You may see many forms of kink you either are not accustomed to or disagree with. You may see members of the LGBTQ community engaged in sexual activities. We respect your right to your opinion but require that you respect people’s rights to individuality and choice. Never shame or put down anyone in the club for how the express their sexuality.

Respect Privacy –

Never inquire as to where members work or live. Our members value their privacy and may have good personal reason for not sharing their lifestyle with others. Never try to get too personal with someone. IF they wish to offer insight into their personal lives they will..

Keep Your Distance -

Many members are into voyeurism and exhibitionist but this is not an invite to invade their personal space. Please watch from a distance and remain respectful. If they would like you to come closer they will invite you to do so.

Don't Intrude-

At Club Amorous your comfort is a priority. Asking members a question at the inappropriate time maybe distracting or down right irritating, Again respect distance and remember everyone is here to have a good time. Let people have their moment.

No photos -

Again privacy is a priority at Club Amorous. Never take anyone’s picture without the express permission of the member and the club. Even if you are asked. You may inadvertently get individuals and portions of the club that are otherwise restricted. We have club photographers available for anyone that would like pictures taken. Casual photos can be done by the staff. There is zero tolerance for violators.

Made A Mistake? -

Apologize! if you make a mistake, don't just ignore it and walk away. A simple apology will go along way when earning the respect of your peers at Club Amorous. Manners are a must!!

Club Amorous Security-

Club Amorous security is there to ensure your safety and everyone attending our parties. Failure to follow their instructions may result in you being asked to leave.

Follow Your Instincts -

If something or someone doesn't make you feel right then walk away. You don't have to play with anyone and you don't have to partake in any activity because someone wants you to. If you feel thoroughly out of sorts by what is propositioned, talk security or the House Manager. We will handle the situation so everyone has a safe fun time.

Clean equipment –

Understand that the club provides all the furniture and equipment for everyone's use and comfort. Properly clean up after yourself when you are done using it for the safety and enjoyment of the next person.

Do Not Out People in Public -

We all have friends at Club Amorous but For many this is the extent of the relationship. If you see a friend from the club outside the club do not approach them without permission. Do not discuss or mention club activities with them as you do not know what impact this may have on their personal and professional relationships. If a member would like to get to know you outside the club it can be discussed and arranged ahead of time.

Club Amorous will not tolerate rude or vile behavior and we have the right to terminate and cancel membership at any time to ensure the safety of others and reputation of Club Amorous. Please be Respectful and welcome you to our Club Amorous family.