What is Closer.me?

Closer is a mobile app that helps you build stronger relationships in real life. We help you keep in touch with the people you most care about, send you articles and notes of interest to them, and keep all the important dates and events handy for you in one place. Closer is about being truly connected to the ones you care about most.

How many contacts can I have on Closer?

There is no maximum number of contacts you can have on Closer. It all depends on how many people you'd like to stay in touch and/or build stronger relationships with, and usually this number varies from time to time. The important thing is to get started and discover how Closer works best for you.

What are "interests" and "notes" for?

Adding an "interest" to a contact will allow us to show you relevant news articles that you can easily share with them. Be it a conversation starter, or a way to better know what makes your friends tick, finding interesting content is always a good thing.

Adding a "note" to a contact will let you keep important information about them all in one place. Whether it's an anniversary, their family's names, or something you know will be on their minds in the coming days, remembering and reaching out to them will show them you care.

How do I snooze or reschedule a reminder?

To reschedule a reminder swipe left on the contact to reveal "More Actions". A screen will appear where you will be able to either "Skip" that reminder until the next time, "Snooze" it for one day, "Reschedule" it for another date, "Mute" all reminders for that contact, or "Delete" the contact all together.

Why do I see weather and time zone on some contacts but not others?

You'll be able to see the weather and time for those contacts who have an address recorded in their contact card. Closer needs a location to be able to display time and weather, so please make sure you include that in their profile if it's not already there.

Can I connect to other people on Closer?

So far Closer lets you manage your relationships privately, but we are exploring adding the capability to connect with your friends on Closer. Stay tuned!

Is my information on Closer safe?

Your privacy is a big priority for us. Closer's Privacy Policy describes what type of information we receive and collect from you and how we use it in order to deliver the best possible service.

Is Closer free?

Yes, the current Closer app is free to use, however note that whenever you make calls or send an SMS to one of your contacts, service charges from your mobile provider may apply.

Why should I allow Closer access to my Facebook account?

Allowing Closer to integrate with your Facebook account will let us update your contacts' profile photos from their Facebook profiles. Nothing will be shared or posted on Facebook from Closer, this is only to help you fill out your contact cards more easily.

Why should I allow Closer access to my Dropbox account?

Allowing Closer to integrate with your Dropbox account will create daily backups of you Closer data in your Dropbox account, so everything is safely stored.