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We are a company that is dedicated first and foremost to serving you to the best of our ability. We strive to be the best tree service company in Orland Park and the neighboring suburbs and we do that by always putting you first. From our very first interaction you will see that our focus is always about being honest, transparent and earning your trust. We know that one bad scenario can sour your trust in us, which means we many never do business again. We would rather over-communicate than hide things. It's the way we see this company growing and getting to serve more people in the community. Whether you need a tree removed, a stump ground, limbs and branches trimmed or cut, cabling and bracing, or pests removed from your trees, we're here to help and we have solutions. We have years of experience and all the necessary equipment to do a job well done! Call us today.

The process of removing a tree is very complicated and should only be performed by someone who is well experienced, has the right tools and equipment, and has a team who can help. Sure, some trees may be small and limbs can be cut easily, but other trees can have at least a 1 foot diameter and have limbs that weigh several hundred pounds. Trying to do this on your own can be extremely dangerous and you can end up causing some very major property damage or bodily injury to others.

For excellent tree service in Orland Park and the surrounding areas, give us a call and we'd be happy to assist. We can also help with other tasks related to trees such as:

  • tree trimming

  • tree pruning

  • tree transplanting

  • limb and branch cutting

  • stump grinding

  • cabling and bracing

  • disease and pest prevention/control

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After your tree has been successfully taken down, you'll be left with remains such as a tree stump. Stumps are generally not removed with the tree trunk itself as the tree roots underneath the ground have spread many feet in all directions. If you don't want the unsightly remains of a tree in the ground then you should have your stump ground by a professional. We come equipped with machinery that can easily and quickly grind the stump for you. The blades in the machine chew up the wood and leave a pulp like remain that will eventually be absorbed by mother nature. We can go as far as making sure the roots have no life to them as well. Just like the pulp, the roots will also be broken down and dissolved into the ground.

We are here to serve you, should you need any type of tree service, including stump grinding, simply reach out to us and we'll provide an estimate of work. We do our very best to work within your schedule!

Our local market is Orland Park but we provide tree removal service throughout all of the chicagoland area. Our team of arborists can identify if the removal of a tree is truly necessary or if there are other more suitable options that you should also consider. Many times it's just a matter of making small changes that can bring life back to a tree. Other times, it requires more involved work, such as transplanting a tree to a different area of the property, or trimming down another tree that has engulfed the sun and source of food. Either way, should you choose to completely take down and remove the tree, we have the equipment, experience and staff so safely take it down without causing any damage to your property or without causing injury to you or our team members. Give us a call for a free estimate of work.