Annual Clifford Lectures in memory of Sławomir Kwasik

Group actions and surgery on manifolds

2nd - 4th of November 2022 in the Mathematics Department
at Tulane University in New Orleans

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Plenary Speaker:
Reinhard Schultz (UC Riverside)

Guest Speakers:
Boris Botvinnik (U. of Oregon)

Weimin Chen (U. of Mass. Amherst)

Ian Hambleton (McMaster U., Canada)

Bjørn Jahren (U. of Oslo, Norway)

Michael Kelly (Loyola U. New Orleans)

Krzysztof Pawałowski (U. of Poznań, Poland)

Nikolai Saveliev (U. of Miami)

Witold Rosicki (U. of Gdansk, Poland)

Shmuel Weinberger (U. of Chicago)

Plenary Lectures:

Lecture 1:
Rational invariants in algebraic and geometric topology

Lecture 2:
Isovariant homotopy and classifications of

group actions on manifolds

Lecture 3:
High-dimensional topology and low-dimensional

group actions


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The organizers: Nikolai Saveliev, Albert Vitter, Mahir Can, Tai Ha, Rafał Komendarczyk
Administrative Contact: Rafał Komendarczyk, email rako [at]