12 Clever Organizing Tricks

As anyone who lives in a small apartment knows, keeping your stuff organized and looking neat can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. You want your possessions to be functional, but that doesn't mean you want them all stuffed into boxes and shoved into a closet. Sometimes we need to figure out a way to organize all of our belongings. Get out your scissors and gather your old cardboard boxes because these organizing tricks are ingenious, handy, and cheap!

1 Jewelry Boxes

You may find you have some old Jewelry boxes just lying around never actually finding a use. You can use the boxes as a small bead or nail gem organizers.

2 Glass Jars

Those old baby food jars can come in handy! Instead of tossing those out with the recyclables you can instead upcycle them into mini paint pots for your kids. Or if you don't have children you can organize all the little nuts and bolts that often find their way to the bottom of some kitchen drawer.

3 Shower Curtain Hooks

Grab a pair of inexpensive shower curtain hooks and just put them on your closet bars. Now you can hang things like your many purses and laptop bags.

4 Tissue Box

Old tissue boxes are great to store used grocery bags. Just stuff them inside and voila you have a handy place to keep them.

5 Paper Towel Holder

Instead of keeping old ribbons stuffed inside a drawer you can put a cheap paper towel holder on the wall and place them on it. Now they are out of the way but can easily be reached.

6 Velcro Tape

Velcro Tape is the perfect cheap hack to keep all your cords and wired gathered. m on it. N+!

7 Colored Bins

If you have things that need to be organized but might take up quite a lot of space, then a colored container is the way to go. If you have some old cardboard boxes lying around grab them and paint them fun colors. Coordinate the colors with what is inside, and you'll never lose things again. Use one color for light bulbs, another for gardening accessories, and soon you'll be so organized you will know where everything in your house is located!

8 Candle Holders

After you've used up all of your yummy smelling candles, don't waste that jar by throwing it away. Instead, save it and use it when guests are over. You can clean it out and place a ribbon around the glass and set out forks instead of just throwing them by the plates at a dinner party. or gar>!

9 Pegboards

Peg boards make storing things on the wall simple and can easily be purchased at any home store.

10 Tension Rod

These rods are great to put under the sink and hang cleaning supplies from them.

11 Drawer Organizers

These are best used in a messy study and home offices when you have a million different pens and pencils. They are cheap and can be customized to match your room's decor.

12 Used Hangers

The Hangers that come from the store and hold onto your pants can be reused and hung in the spare room closet and hold onto your wrapping paper and gift bags all year long. It keeps them off the floor.