NC Expunction Forms

North Carolina Forms for Expunction are available at NC Administrative Office of the Courts

The link above will direct you to the search screen for all forms promulgated by the NC Administrative Office of the Courts. That's a great resource, but perhaps too great if you are only seeking expunction forms. To narrow the search, and to reveal the forms related to expunging a criminal case, do this:

  • Step One: Click on the link above to get to the main forms page.
  • Step Two: Type "expunction" in the search box and click "Search", as shown here:

Type "expunction" into the "Title" search box and press "Search."

  • Step Three: Select the appropriate Form from the search results for your specific situation. Each Form is "PDF Ready" to be completed online and printed for use.

Here is what the first page of the Judicial Forms Search Results looks like:

*New Forms published by AOC on 12/1/2017


Be certain to clear the "cache" on your computer so that your Internet Browser will load the most current forms published by the AOC on 12/1/2017. In some counties, including Wake, the Clerk's office requires the new forms.

Following the steps above should get you to the correct set of Forms for petitioning the NC Court to expunge your record. Be aware there are very well-written instructions for each of the Forms available for free download, but also be aware that these forms are, as they say, "only as good as the person filling them out." Advertising services in the expunction arena has exploded in recent years as the laws have expanded to provide relief to more and more defendants. However, just because the forms are easily available, the process is not easy. The laws remain complex and using them in a way to most effectively help a given situation remains challenging for the inexperienced. Consider hiring a licensed NC attorney to assist you with the process.

A quick note about terminology. The following terms are used somewhat interchangeably in the materials and practice of this area of the law:

  • Expunge
  • Expungement
  • Expunction

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