work/reels for editing/post:

password: howdy

                                            upcoming film                                         

  "TTYL in Hell"  

color, mono+5.1. digi/tape

usa+canada, eng. w/subs, 11min 2s

cut in final cut pro 7 (rip) 

featuring:  Gilbert Gottfried Haakon Koski & Bam Margeras


ry is also avail for hire regarding the following 


  ↳ photoshop / adobe+ / hand tools / scanning

   video finishing/color/texturing

     davinci resolve / final cut pro 7 / analog grain + video manipulation hardware + plugins galore

     sound design/reel-to-reel outputs

       uher report L 4000 reel to reel / marantz pmd101 casette field recorder / logic x / fabfilter pkg / all sorts of fun

       acting/performance +/- 1st/2nd ad

         ~acting reel/resume avail upon request~

          furniture/wood carvings/driftwood 

             custom per your wildest dreams. garage shop always stocked     w/ salvaged lumber,  beach found boards & a lot of varnish 

            driver (safe, fast & manual preferred.)

             former: e30-bmw '89/5sp/manual-sunroof

current: 220k-odo/5spd/4cy/subaru-outback/'99

future:  <left intentionally blank> 

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