Physics, Jazz and Zen

I am a theoretical physicist, university lecturer, jazz pianist, meditator, podcaster and blogger. Besides my professional research in complex systems and brain-inspired neuro-physics, I am interested in philosophy, Buddhism, minimalism, and the art of good living. The latter, in particular, includes Japanese food.

In general, I am interested in how complex structures and behaviors are emerging by self-organization and evolution. In particular, I try to understand the basic principles of information processing in biological and artificial brains.

By following a natural, autodidactic way, I have learned to play the piano freely, without using music scores and without any systematic practice. I participated in various Jazz bands as a keyboarder and composer.

Eastern philosophy, Nonduality, Buddhism and Zen-inspired arts have always fascinated me. I am a regular meditator, recently also exploring some less standard contemplative techniques, based on music, nature, and imagination.