Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare and Law


Merit Screening

 Utilizing years of nursing expertise, our team reviews medical records to identify breeches in care, documentation red flags, potential missing records, and more. We can save you time and money, by providing an expert opinion on whether or not a case is worth your time and effort. 

Identifying Deviations From and Adherences to Standards of Care

 With vast experience in various specialties, we are knowledgeable regarding standards of care and can easily identify care that is inadequate. 

Assessing Injuries/Damages

 By quickly reviewing a case, we are able to identify injuries related to the events in question, as well as damages caused by identified injuries. 

Identifying and Locating Testifying Experts

 We can assist with both, identifying and locating testifying experts. Our team's extensive database of qualified experts is a valuable resource to your litigation team.  

Organizing, Analyzing, and Summarizing Medical Records

 Medical records contain a wealth of valuable information. As the medical insider on your litigation team, Clary Legal Nurse Consulting can provide the most cost-effective expertise to identify opportunities in your case. Utilizing our expertise could mean the difference between winning and losing your case. 

Developing Written Reports for Attorneys

Our team will break down medical records and provide a clear, concise summary, explaining key components of the case. Report options range from chronologies to comprehensive reports. Each report is tailored to fit the needs of the attorney.

About Clary Legal Nurse Consulting

Tiffany Clary is a Masters-Prepared Registered Nurse of 12 years. She is board certified in Emergency Nursing, Trauma Nursing, Nursing Leadership and Management, and Nursing Education. She also holds a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant certificate from the CLNC® Institute. 

Tiffany has experience in a wide variety of settings, including Nursing Management and Administration, Nursing Professional Development, Legal Nurse Consulting, Advanced Would Care and  Hyperbarics, and Emergency and Critical Care Nursing in a Level 1 Academic Trauma Center.

Our Approach

At Clary Legal Nurse Consulting, we utilize our expertise to meet the needs of attorneys. Each attorney and each case are different. This is why we use an individualized approach to each consultation. Meeting the needs of the attorney is our top priority. 

Why Us?

With a wide variety of expertise, Clary Legal Nurse Consulting is well-equipped to thoroughly review medical records, identifying crucial facts that are relevant to each case. Not only are we experts at analyzing healthcare, we are efficient and effective at what we do.

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