Tech & Computers

Computers, Information Processing and Storage

Lesson 1: Technology and Computers

1. Technology is any invention, including:

2. What is the benefit of improving technology?

3. How far back does technology date?

4. The technology of fire made living conditions...

5. What is a computer?

6. List some examples of items that contain computers:

Lesson 2 & 3: Information Processing & Data Storage:

1. List four examples of hardware:

2. Software is a set of instructions or programs that...

3. What are the two types of software?

4. What is system software?

5. What are some examples of input devices?

6. What is output?

7. RAM is short for...

8. Is RAM short term or long term storage?

9. List three examples of long-term storage:

10. What is cloud storage?

11. What are four benefits of cloud storage?

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