Course Syllabus

Mr. Clarke

Film Studies 11 Course Outline:

Course website:

Big Ideas:

· Ideas and beliefs conveyed in moving images can effect change in artists, audience, and environment.

· Technology and emerging media transform modern communication in a variety of ways

· History, culture, community, and value systems influence creative processes.

Course Content:

Students are expected to know the following:

  • Historical, current, and emerging consumer and commercial moving-image formats and technologies
  • History and theory of structure, form, narrative, and genre
  • How moving images convey meaning through relationships between movement, sound, image, structure, and form
  • Contributions of innovative artists from a variety of genres, contexts, time periods and cultures
  • The influence of social, cultural, historical, political and personal contexts on the creation and reception of moving images

Evaluation Procedures: Grades are cumulative (no terms)

· In-Class Assignments/Mini Projects: 100%

Grades are updated weekly on Student/Parent Connect

Hugo Martin Scorsese 2011

A Trip to the Moon Georges Melies 1902

The Great Train Robbery Edwin S. Porter 1903

The Life of an American Fireman Edwin S. Porter 1902

The Kid Charlie Chaplin 1921

The General Buster Keaton 1926

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Robert Wiene 1919

The Wizard of Oz Victor Fleming 1939

Casablanca Michael Curtiz 1942

Citizen Kane Orson Welles 1941

The Third Man Carol Reed 1949

Touch of Evil Orson Welles 1958

Kiss Me Deadly Robert Aldrich 1955

Psycho Alfred Hitchcock 1960

Jaws Steven Spielberg 1975

Bullitt Peter Yates 1968

The French Connection William Friedkin 1971

Alien Ridley Scott 1979

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off John Hughes 1986

Say Anything Cameron Crowe 1989

Forrest Gump Robert Zemeckis 1994

The Matrix Wachowski Bros. 1999

Clan of the White Lotus Leih Lo 1980

Ran Akira Kurosawa 1985

The Twilight Samurai Yoji Yamada 2002

Sholay Ramesh Sippy 1975

3 Idiots Rajkumar Hirani 2009

Man On Wire James Marsh 2008

The Princess Bride Rob Reiner 1987

Skyfall Sam Mendes 2012

Artifice Luke Fahrmann 2013

Get Out Jordan Peele 2017

La La Land Damien Chazelle 2016

Moonlight Barry Jenkins 2016

Deadpool Tim Miller 2016

Ad Hoc Alex Ross 2015