Prezi is a cool way to present as well as organize information. Basically, it’s a giant storyboard that YOU get to put together using video, sound, pictures and text. And the best part? It’s really easy!

On Prezi’s website, they have three beginners lessons. Check them out before you begin your own.

The first assignment is a good one. You will answer the following questions and then present them to your teacher in Prezi. Be sure to use LOTS of pictures, videos and music to really show off your creative skills.

1. Pick a topic that interests you..Batman, Wilco, etc…

2. How did your topic get started?

3. Who created it?

4. What makes it dear to you?

5. What do you need to tell others about it?

6. Is it still going?

7. Why is this so ‘cool’ to you?

8. Anything else to add?

9. Embed your completed Prezi to your Google site.