BusEd 8

School: Seaquam Secondary

Course: Business Education 8

Teacher Name: Mr. Clarke

Contact Information: tclarke@deltasd.bc.ca

Course and Unit Description

Together we will read, discuss, and analyze source material on a variety of technologies and business concepts. Your work will be evaluated in four categories: Communication, Application, Thinking, and Knowledge.

Course material will cover: Entrepreneurship Basics, Social Enterprise, Social Enterprise in First Nations Communities, Turning Ideas Into A Business, Finance, Business Models, Making Business Pitches, Selling and Advertising/Marketing, and Personal Reflection (More detailed description in the Unit Outline).

Group work and presentations: Learn to work effectively with groups. Become confident in presenting to the class.

Learn essential business concepts: Business writing, personal growth, public speaking, and attire

Personal reflection: goal setting, growth mindset and critically thinking will be constant through the year.

Resources and Materials

Textbook: There is no textbook for this course.

Resources: Class Website: www.toddclarke.ca

Materials: A personal website is required for all assignments.

(Most work will be completed and submitted online.)


This is a project based class. Your mark will be based on the work submitted (i.e. the projects, assignments and presentations you do).