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The Bittersweet Jig - 16/05/22
A tune composed by Aidan Crossey who runs a great site for Irish mandolin tunes ( He kicks off this arrangement but I've never met him so this is all recorded via the wonders of internet technology. Aidan is from Lurgan but now lives in London. I've collaborated on a few tunes with him. I think he has a great way of assembling tunes and I'll be using this with a few pals in the coming weeks. If you want to learn it here's a link to the notation: FOLDER

The Lockdown Polkas - January 2022This is the four polkas I posted last year strung together to make a set. The notation etc for each tune can be found on the Tune of the Week archive page (link below).
An Aird's Collection for the Mandolin

Click above to play all the main versions of the Aird's tunes. Note that , even though you can only see one tune in the player, you can still scroll through the tunes. If you just want to play the whole collecttion through just click on the play button all the tunes will play in sequence.

These recordings have been prepared for my students: they are just practice files and not of broadcast quality - THIS IS NOT AN ALBUM. There are five extra tunes from Aird's second collection. See below for links to learning resources. The 'folders' include several audio files and PDFs of notation to help you learn the tunes.

Tune of the Week - a Lockdown Collection

I built these practice files and learning resources during the first few months of the pandemic. Some fine tunes in there, and as usual there are lots of audio files and notation to help you learn them. Click through the tunes (above) to see if you fancy learning them and then go to the folder (click below) for the resources. Pretty simple tunes that will suit intermediate players, but there are some that will suit beginners.

Mandolin Tutorials Archive
The Celtic Mandolin - Complete course at Four Levels
1. Mandolin for Complete Beginners - a course for complete beginners.
2. Getting the Rhythm - developing a rhythmic style.3. Getting into the Details - playing fast licks and triplets4. Mandolin Plectrum Technique - exercises in 4/4
'Trewly Modly Wud'
The Skeerwud Band
A community Education Project

I directed this back in the early 90s. There are about 30 people playing here. All arrangements by yours truly. As you can hear, Brian Astor on the drum was the driving force of the event. Go to the page link below for some details on the tunes. You can watch a video of the band playing live in Edinburgh.

'Trewly Modly Wud'

'The Centre'

I recorded these three tracks with some kids from Edinburgh who attended a support unit where I worked. Loads of fun from the cheekiest part of the city, that is, if it actually does belong to Edinburgh.

Dabbles Archive

This is old stuff. There are a few things from my students and classes - and from me messing about, sometimes with electronic stuff. The tracks are often just doodles so may be a bit rough at the edges - I ain't sony corporation - and I rarely do more than one take when recording! There aren't usually any tutorial files for these dabbles. I'll add tracks when I find them lurking on my drive.

Click on the link below to open a page where you can play them one by one and read some notes abut them.

Clachanmusic Dabbles Archive