Music from the North

  • Find here assorted resources for mandolin people (and occasionally other kinds of people too - bouzouki people, guitar people?). The tunes are presented as audio practice files and include notation and tablature. They are presented for the convenience of small groups, duos, trios, etc: it's all about playing together.

  • Please note that you don't need to print off everything in the documents, just the stuff you need!

  • To play the tunes click name to play tune in browser. However, the resources are stored in the FOLDERS in Google and the tunes are a bit slow to load. Best just download the whole FOLDER contents and play the tune directly from your own device.

  • Most of the resources are at intermediate level. They are starting points, not prescribed ends, so feel free to change the tunes and change the harmony parts and the chords.

Latest Tunes
Irish Lassies FOLDER
The only source for this tune seems to be in the second Aird's collection. Good tune too. The usual audio files are in the FOLDER and I've also supplied this faster version - but not too fast once you get it. More Aird's volume 2 HERE!

The Lockdown Polkas.This is the four polkas I posted last year strung together to make a set. The notation etc for each tune can be found on the Tune of the Week archive page HERE.
Working On
Aird's Collection for Mandolins vol 2 - new tunes posted now and again. This is the beginning of a second volume of these tunes. These tunes may be a bit more challenging than my first volume efforts
Dabbles 2022 - odds and sods
Clachan Sillar - resources for a bunch of fine people who gather occasionally in Glasgow and Edinburgh for a few tunes. If you live in the area and want to play along let me know (mixed instruments but mostly mandolins and bouzoukies).
Aird's Collection for Mandolins vol 1 - complete, with 25 tunes
Tune of the Week (archive page) - from the 2020/21 lockdowns NOT WORKING - WILL SORT ASAP
Dabbles Archive - odds and sods from the past

The Celtic Mandolin - Tutorials at Four Levels
1. Mandolin for Complete Beginners - a course for complete beginners.
2. Getting the Rhythm - developing a rhythmic style.3. Getting into the Details - playing fast licks and triplets4. Mandolin Plectrum Technique - exercises in 4/4

More Mandolin Tutorials
Exercises in 6/8 - plectrum technique for playing jigs
A Fig for a Kiss - an in-depth study of this famous slip-jig