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The Never Will Blues - 2020 - Collaboration

30/05/20 JUST RECORDED LAST WEEK!!! 'K', who appears elsewhere here as a great bones and spoons player, a great singer and all round entertainer, has written a song, I've put down some chords and accompaniment and another of my ex-students, 'M', has recorded her vocal over the top. Great singer, she's played live in Glasgow for years, now studying jazz in the Guildhall in London.
NeverWill MARI v 1.mp3


Jigs and Reels - Rags and Rants - Jazz and Blues - Scottish and Irish - Country and World - Pickin' and Strummin .....and more!


Learn to accompany the music of these islands using GDAE and GDAD tunings. Playing our music on the bouzouki isn't like playing the guitar: it's a unique style!


Country styles including ragtime picking, slide guitar blues, basic to advanced strumming techniques and flat-picking American style. Songwriting in a variety of styles (experienced writer).


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