Music Lessons in Edinburgh

Lessons in Mandolin, Guitar and Bouzouki - First lesson free! Online folders and audio practice files for every student!


16/01/20 - new dabblings

Look around - lots of free stuff!

The Skeerwud Band - a page dedicated to a project I directed in the 90s.. Includes a free 8 track album and a video of a live performance of this band playing at Teviot Row.

Clachan Siller - an ongoing project dedicated to preparing music for plucked string instrument bands. I occasionally run a class made up of mandolins and bouzoukis (sometimes flutes and low whistles - no fiddles or accordions). Includes free notation and audio for 13 tunes.

Freebies - more stuff for nothing . This material includes the first part of my tutorial book on mandolin, Mandolin for Complete Beginners. This includes all notation, and over 50 audio practice files. In addition there is a selection of new tutorial resources for the more advanced player. (NOTE: click directly on FREEBIES for the page).

Dabblings - even more free stuff. I'll just put any doodles I get up to into this page. Could be mostly mandolin tracks.

Samples - assembled medleys of various things I've done over the years. Old! A few new ones to come.


Jigs and Reels - Rags and Rants - Jazz and Blues - Scottish and Irish - Country and World - Pickin' and Strummin .....and more!


Learn to accompany the music of these islands using GDAE and GDAD tunings. Playing our music on the bouzouki isn't like playing the guitar: it's a unique style!


Country styles including ragtime picking, slide guitar blues, basic to advanced strumming techniques and flat-picking American style. Songwriting in a variety of styles (experienced writer).