Tranquility is the name of the discovered Derelict cruiser after the second decade of the third War of Sephirex Prime.

This Neutral cruiser will be home to refugees of all kinds.

White will be its color and speed its safety.

On Tranquility you leave your colors behind, there is no room for politics, war, fighting, degrading talk, assumptions and disrespectfull talk about peoples gender identitys, religion, professions and ethnical backrounds.

On Tranquility we will not judge your past, we will judge your actions.

Any breach from neutrality will result in a trip to the nearest Airlock.

Any breach for Respect, Airlock

It is a safehaven for all, For the refugees, by the refugees. And thats what it must be and must stay

There is only one fear.

The return of Darkness

Will it come to devour us

Can we outrun it

As stars go supernova and planets burn.

When Past and Present are bound in the Future

When friendships and Hostalities matter no more

Tranquility will Rize

Tranquility will fly

Darkness will be illuminated into oblivion