Biji Wong

I am a math postdoc at CIRGET in Montréal supervised by Liam Watson and Steve Boyer. My research lies in low-dimensional topology and gauge theory, specifically Heegaard Floer homology and its applications to 3-manifolds, exotic structures on 4-manifolds, and knots. I received my PhD in May 2017 from Brandeis University where my advisor was Danny Ruberman.

Here is my CV (updated Jan 2019).

Upcoming Talks

7. Topology Seminar, University of Virginia, TBD

6. SGGTC Seminar, Columbia University, Mar 2019

5. AMS-MAA Joint Meetings, Baltimore, Jan 2019

4. CMS Winter Meeting, Vancouver, Dec 2018

3. Topology Seminar, University of British Columbia, Dec 2018

2. Claremont Topology Seminar, Claremont McKenna College, Nov 2018

1. Joint Caltech-USC-UCLA Topology Seminar, Caltech, Nov 2018


4. 3-orbifolds, bordered Floer theory, and twisted coefficients. In preparation.

3. A Floer homology invariant for 3-orbifolds via bordered Floer theory. arXiv:1808.09026, 2018. Submitted.

2. G-corks & Heegaard Floer homology. arXiv:1609.04857, 2016. Submitted.

1. Turaev torsion invariants of 3-orbifolds. Geom. Dedicata 187 (2017), 179-197. DOI:10.1007/s10711-016-0196-7


Winter 2019: Math 111: Math for Education Students at McGill University. Information about the syllabus, assignments, etc. can be found on myCourses (McGill login required).

Winter 2018: MATH 111: Math for Education Students at McGill University. Course Evaluations can be found here.


I am organizing a workshop at UQAM on April 27, 2019 for CEGEP girls in the Montréal area who are interested in math and science. Come join us!