Cibola Little League offers Baseball ⚾ and Softball 🥎 for kids ages 4-16. League divisions consist of Tee Ball, Rookie Baseball/Softball, Minor Baseball/Softball, Major Baseball/Softball, Junior/Senior Baseball/Softball.

Tee Ball

Tee Ball is for ages 4-6 and games are limited to one hour. Events are limited to 3 per week.

Rookie Baseball/Softball

Rookies is a division of minors for ages 5-8, for a 5 y/o to play rookies, they must have played one season of Tee Ball. Children league age 9 and over must move up to Minors. This division is machine/coach pitch and games are limited to an hour and a half. Events are limited to 3 per week.

Minor Baseball/Softball

Minors is for ages 8-10, this is a player pitch division. Games are limited to two hours during the week and two and a half hours on the weekend. Events are limited to 4 per week. (Photo Credit C. Fairhurst)

Major Baseball/Softball

Majors is for ages 9-12 Games are limited to two hours during the week and two and a half hours on the weekend. Events are limited to 4 per week.

Junior/Senior Baseball/Softball

Junior/Senior is for ages 13-16 Games are limited to two and a half hours during the week and three hours on the weekend. Events are limited to 4 per week.

Junior baseball plays on a 90-foot field, the same size base path as an MLB field.

Junior softball will pitch from 43 feet.

Ages, Find your league, location

To determine your players league age, please use the league age calculator to see what division your player(s) should register in. To make sure you are in our league go to League Finder. If you live outside of our boundary, the league finder will refer you to the proper league. All player addresses and ages will be verified during our registration process. Our player boundary has been updated please see our updated Boundary Information page. Our field is located at in Rio Rancho 3620 Chayote Rd NE Rio Rancho, NM and is often referred to as "north fields".

If we have to cancel due to weather a text will be sent from the RainedOut app, to receive these texts you may Text CIBOLALL to 87783. You will also be notified by your manager.


All of our volunteers must complete a background check annually. If you plan to help manage, coach or be on the field or in the dugout in any way please fill out the Background Check form to receive a background link from JDP.

Thank you for visiting our Cibola Little League Website! Cibola Little League is comprised entirely of volunteers. From our league President, Board Members, Umpires, Managers and Coaches, everyone volunteers their time for our kids. Our 13-member board of directors work hard to ensure our kids have the best experience possible, along with all of the other parent volunteers. We strive to keep parents informed and updated on current events. We also have a Facebook page and Instagram please follow us for more information.

Rio Rancho currently has two Little League Organizations, Cibola Little League and Sunset Little League, Little League is very strict about boundaries, please make sure that you are in the correct league. Use the league finder feature to find your correct league. Here is a link to Sunset Little League if you are in their boundary Sunset Little League. You can also join a league according to what school your child attends. If your school is in our boundary they can play with our league. If you need a school enrollment form, please find it here.

If you would like to Manage a Spring team please fill out the following application. Spring 2022 Manager Application If you are interested in being a volunteer that will be in the dug out or on the field with players please sign up to have a background check done. All managers, coaches, team moms, and board members must have a background check completely each year. Sign up here for a background check.

Games and practices are considered events and they are scheduled Monday-Friday evening and all day on Saturday. We do not host events at our fields on Sunday.

We do have lights at our field, some teams, depending on the number of teams we can field, may travel to other leagues to play. We are part of New Mexico District 8 Little League, we do interleague with Alameda, Coronado, Eastdale, North Valley, Paradise Hills, Petroglyph, Sunset and West Mesa Little Leagues.

Thank you from your 2022 Board of Directors

President- Ronald Thompson


Vice-President-Damyan Brown

Secretary/Treasurer-Marlee Brown

Player Agent Baseball-Antonio Pacheco

Player Agent Softball-Marlee Brown

Safety Officer-Ronald Thompson

Coaching Coordinator-Latrell Jackson

Umpire in Chief-Walt Gross

Concession Manager-Malissa Thompson

Equipment Manager-Kenny Flermoen

Board member at large-Mackenzie Dixon, Scott Gross, Michael Vigil and Dan Land

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