What is Encore?

Founded by Carrboro High School parents who believe a thriving arts program is essential for a comprehensive high school education, Encore! is composed of parents, students, administrators, teachers, and community members who support the Performing Arts at Carrboro High School. Our vision is to enable the CHS Arts programs to become an integral part of the area's vibrant arts community. Encore! provides enrichment opportunities, financial support, and logistical assistance for the Arts programs and student Performing Arts groups.

The Arts at Carrboro High School

Students who participate in the Performing Arts gain essential lifelong skills such as teamwork, persistence, discipline, responsibility, reliability, time management, problem solving, and courage. They also develop specific performance talents such as performing for an audience and public speaking, express their creativity, make friends across grade boundaries, and have positive experiences they’ll remember throughout their entire lives. Donations of volunteer time and resources from the community are critical to keep these rich opportunities available.

2017-2018 Encore Members

Carolyn Christians

Chris and Lisa Simmons

Debra Buck

Jane and Brian Mack

Jennifer and B.J. Thompson

Jim, Leslie, and Annalee Fine

Klara and Jeffrey Peter

Leslie Rountree

Lisa and Chris Kelly

Lisa Simutami

Madeline Blobe

Michelle Fishburne

Nancy Knowles

Paige Clark

Rebecca Vidra

Renée and Paul Van Raay

Snehal Patwardhan

Sunita and Bastiaan Driehuys

Susan Cassidy

The Asaro Family

The Barry Family

The Deshler Family

The Hellofs Family

The Spadavecchio Family

Wendy Wood