Christ United Methodist Church

Our Church Council had an emergency meeting yesterday, August 4, 2021 due to the alarming increase of coronavirus cases in Santa Maria and almost all cities in the Central Coast. We have therefore decided the following:

1. That the scheduled church picnic and worship on Sunday, August 8, 2021 is cancelled.

2. That indoor Sunday Worship and all in-person meetings and gathering in our church facilities like the Taiko and Hibari Kai are also temporarily cancelled for a month effective August 15, 2021. We will however continue having our Online Worship Service and virtual meetings by Zoom.

3. That the Church led by Pastor Herman Zacapa can use our facilities should they decide to continue doing their indoor worship and in person-meetings but will be advised to observe all safety protocols.

Please wait for our notice when we can again do indoor worship and our in-person gatherings. Meantime, please pass on this information to anyone you know.

For any question, please feel free to communicate to us.

Truly yours,

Pastor Mark Marcos

Lead Pastor, Christ United Methodist Church of Santa Maria, CA

You can view our online Sunday Worship services here -----> Sunday Worship Videos

219 Mary Drive

Santa Maria, CA 93458


Celebrating 91 Years of Ministry -- 1929 to 2020

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Many blessings to you.


219 Mary Drive, Santa Maria, CA 93458


You dare to put your life in danger for the sake of those in need of your services when you can opt to isolate yourself in the security and convenience of your home with your loved ones. You are aware of the risk being in the forefront of the global fight against an invisible destroyer of life- the COVID-19. You responded and you continue to respond to the call to be of service to all in need and truly dedicating your time, your energy, and practically all of yourself unmindful whether your deeds will be rewarded or not.

And when we rejoice when a person is saved from the pang of this pandemic, please know that deep in our heart is our gratefulness to God for what you are doing. Please also know that we feel with you the frustration and sadness when a person under your care did not make it. And if you are an essential worker providing other most needed care like tending in the grocery stores, giving care to residents in many care facilities, staff in pharmacy stores, being one of those drivers of public transportation, or one of those in police and fire departments, in restaurants preparing food and doing delivery, and one of those church leaders keeping people’s spirit at its height when all else are losing hope, please know we are sincerely thankful.

Please know that your sacrifices are treasures which will linger in our hearts even for a lifetime. You have restored our hope that this world will be better and is not going down the drain of callousness and indifference.

We want to be in prayer with you. Our religious orientation may differ with you but one thing we are certain of, we are calling the same compassionate and loving God:

Most gracious and sovereign God, we lift up to You fervently your child ever seeking Your protection as he or she puts himself/herself in danger in this critical time when lives are easy prey of the virus that has no regard of our social, economic, political, physical and religious orientation; not even a respecter of age and gender, of profession and vocation, and of anything that makes up one’s being.

We pray for all your loved ones who worry and are restless because of the peril you are into. We seek Your kind help O, God so all our leaders and authorities will be able to provide all protective means to safeguard your life and all the lives of all essential workers all over the world. May these public and private agencies discover the cure and the means to prevent the spread of this virus.

Lord, help your child never to grow weary being a blessing to You and a blessing to Your creation. Help us too never to cease praying for them. And keep our hope alive awaiting for the breaking of a peaceful dawn. Through Christ, our Hope for brighter tomorrow, we pray. Amen.


PS: Should you or if you know of someone in need to be prayed over, please do not hesitate to call Pastor Mark Marcos at (626) 367-3670 or e-mail him at; or Harald Brown, church lay leader at (805) 452-2918, email:; or the church at (805) 925-3116; email: