Book chapters

The long-term returns to durable assets

In Financial Market History (eds. David Chambers and Elroy Dimson), CFA Research Institute Foundation, 2016

Press coverage: Financial Times, Wall Street Journal

Investment returns and economic fundamentals in international art markets (with Luc Renneboog)

In Cosmopolitan Canvases: The Globalization of Markets for Contemporary Art (eds. Olav Velthuis and Stefano Baia-Curioni), OUP, 2015

The investment performance of art and other collectibles (with Elroy Dimson)

In Risk and Uncertainty in the Art World (ed. Anna Dempster), Bloomsbury Publishing, 2014

Press coverage: Forbes

Religion and finance (with Luc Renneboog)

In Socially Responsible Finance and Investing (eds. H. Kent Baker and John Nofsinger), John Wiley & Sons, 2012