A Curse of Ash and Iron 

All The World's A Stage, As They Say...

In 1876 Philadelphia, Benjamin Grimm knows real life is much like the theater-people play their parts, hiding behind the illusion of their lives and never revealing their secrets. When he reunites with his childhood friend Eleanor Banneker, his delight turns to dismay. On learning she has been under a spell for the past seven years, forced to live as a servant in her own home, he realizes how sinister some secrets can be.

Ellie has spent the long years since her mother's death under her stepmother's watchful and unforgiving eye. Bewitched and hidden in plain sight, it seemed no one could help Ellie escape. Not even her own father, likewise bespelled. When she encounters Ben one evening, he seems immune to the magic that binds her. Her hope rekindles along with their friendship.

But time is running short. If they do not find a way to break the curse before midnight on New Year's Eve, both Ellie and her father will be bound forever.

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This was the trailer for the original edition of A CURSE OF ASH AND IRON, re-released in 2023

Beware the Little White Rabbit (Leap Books, 2015; Anthology)

Curiosity often leads to trouble...

Thirteen powerful voices in young adult fiction invite you to journey into startling new Wonderlands in this nod to the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s timeless character, ALICE. 

Mystery. Madness. Mayhem. Each story in this collection will intrigue, bewitch, and enchant. Through rich historicals, castles and keeps, wild wormholes, secret workshops, deadly plagues, and gritty urban explorations, we present new tales of Alice and her white rabbit. 

Whether an intrepid reporter, a would-be car thief, or the last human in a world ruled by machines, at the heart of each story Alice is a girl discovering who she really is in worlds that never fail to surprise.

What wonders await, oh curious reader? Leap down the rabbit hole and discover the truth...

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The Crown of Zeus: The Library of Athena, Book 1

Not the best way to win friends... 

The sleepover is intended to cement Megan's new friendship with Rachel, Claire, and Harriet. They would do the usual stuff--talking till the wee hours, painting each other's nails, gossiping. The Parthenon, the huge manor she and her father live in, is even supposed to be haunted so...seance! 

But Megan stumbles on a loose hearthstone, revealing an old diary and a mysterious key. Before the night is out, the girls are on a dangerous journey into the myths of ancient Greece, and Megan's job is to make sure everyone gets back alive despite gorgons, sea monsters, and sphinxes. 

No pressure. 

(Note: this is the second edition of this book. The first edition, published by Samhain Publishing, is out of print.)

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The Ankh of Isis: The Library of Athena, Book 2

Megan gets lost in books. Literally.

Megan Montgomery is looking forward to a nice, quiet Easter holiday. No school, no homework, time with her friends. Then her father informs her Mr. Hemmlich, a potential client and archaeologist, is coming to stay with them for the entire week. Her dreams of goofing off go up in smoke—until Hemmlich arrives with his handsome teenage son in tow. Things are definitely looking up.

Megan’s excitement quickly turns to suspicion when Hemmlich starts asking questions about the manor and its builder, Sir Gregory. Is it just admiration for Sir Gregory’s work? Or could Hemmlich know about the Library of Athena, the secret room full of magic books hidden deep beneath the manor? It shouldn’t be possible.

But then again, if she can get sucked inside a book…

(Second edition published by Zumaya Publishing. Original edition by Samhain is out of print)

The Mirror of Yu-Huang: The Library of Athena, Book 3

Megan’s dreams of a fun and relaxing Christmas holiday turn into a nightmare when the headmistress of her school strong-arms her father into hosting a huge New Year’s ball for the Chinese ambassador. She’s been unlucky with houseguests in the past—like the one who died.

Then Megan receives a gift, one that shows someone knows not only about the Library of Athena but of her connection to it. Who made the mysterious phone call in the study? Who stabbed Xu Ping? Megan thinks she knows, but before she can confirm her suspicions the Library is invaded, and only the Librarian stop the invader from threatening the world.

The Sword of Danu: The Library of Athena, Book 4

Megan Montgomery has finally gotten her life under control. She’s decided to fully embrace her role as the Librarian, protector of the Library of Athena and the magical artifacts contained within. She’s spent her entire summer trying to teach herself magic (though it doesn’t always work out the way she wants) and studying both world mythology and the Library’s secrets. Even though she hasn’t heard from the Order of Ares in months, they are always at the back of her mind. She knows they are just biding their time, waiting for the moment to try and steal another magical artifact.

But it isn’t the Order that messes up the last days of summer vacation. Just as Megan’s thoughts are turning toward English Lit, History, and Latin classes, she is forced into yet another of the Library’s enchanted stories. Or rather, the story has come to her, somehow ripped from the pages of the book and brought to life. It’s obvious some magic is to blame for the accident, but it wasn’t her fault—was it? It doesn’t really matter; the only way to put things right is for her and her friends to fight their way through an imaginary Ireland, where danger lies around every turn, and find the mythical Sword of Danu. Following the clues is the only way to find what they need, and they’ll need to remember everything they can about Celtic mythology to get it right.

Things get even more complicated when her friends acquire magical powers of their own, that they seem to be able to use without much trouble at all. Now Megan has to fight her own jealousy as well as the monsters. Add in Ronan, the strange but handsome boy who introduces himself as a character in the story and this is a recipe for a plate of trouble with a side of disaster. 

It’s a race against time—because the magic is spreading. The manor is already being overrun, and she and her friends must fight their way through what was supposed to be an imaginary world to find the sword and return things to normal. 

And just this morning she thought she had it all under control, right?

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The Talisman of Zandria

 Adventure happens when you least expect it

Ivy Peterson is Less-Than-Ordinary. She’s so very Less-than-Ordinary that sometimes she feels invisible. She is also Not Very Brave.

But part of her wishes she could be something More, that something Extraordinary and Completely Unusual would happen. What she forgets about wishes is that they do sometimes come true.

Ivy accidentally falls into Zandria, a magical world that exists just outside her own. And she’s trapped there because someone has stolen the Talisman of Zandria, a magical amulet that controls the five gates the worlds. She and her new friends—the wizard Arden, his young apprentice Connor, and a pair of fairies—set off on a quest to recover the Talisman, a journey of discovery that will change Ivy in ways she never could have imagined.

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The Kingsbridge Chronicles 

Welcome to Kingsbridge Academy, a school for young wizards and wizardesses, just one of a network of Magick schools around the world. Here, the students face the same challenges as any young person. 

Who will win the Pêlgwyddon match? 

When will that cute boy ask me out? 

Will a hideous monster jump out of my text book and eat me? 

How many times can one get detention cleaning out the Gryphon cage?

Penny Miller, a Second Year, has her hands full. Her classes are harder this year, and she can barely keep up with her homework. Then she has to keep bullies like Ursula DeWinter, who has it in for Penny's best friend, at bay.

She doesn't have time to figure out why spells are suddenly going completely bonkers, or what's up with the new student, or why Jack is being so weird whenever he sees her. 

And why is she being blamed for doing something she couldn't possibly have done? Unless she can be in two places at once. Can she? Suddenly she's losing friends faster than a Phoenix loses feathers. 

It's going to be a long year. 

Two short stories, previously seen in Wizard Academies anthologies, have been combined into this single volume for one enjoyable read. 

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Once Upon a Sorceror (A Kingsbridge Academy Story)

Penny Miller arrives at Kingsbridge Academy ready for her Third Year. After last year’s shenanigans, she’s looking forward to a normal school routine. Well, as normal as it gets at a school for Magickal children. It starts out as expected, laughing with friends and piles of homework and running to classes. And, of course, Ursula DeWinter and her cronies being as awful as always. 

When something starts attacking the students in strangely familiar ways, Penny wonders if it doesn’t have something to do with the new instructor, Professor Moonbeam, a Sorceror visiting from the United States. But since he’s not Magickal, how can that be? She had better figure it out before whatever magick is creeping through Kingsbridge takes over the entire school. 

So much for normal.

The sequel to The Kingsbridge Chronicles. 

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Other Works (Not Necessarily YA)

Gaslight & Grimm: Steampunk Faerie Tales

Once Upon a Time, ageless tales were told from one generation to the next, filled with both wonders and warnings. Tales of handsome princes and wicked queens, of good-hearted folk and evil stepmothers. Tales of danger and caution and magic...classics that still echo in our hearts and memories even to this day, told from old, cherished books or from memory at Grandma's knee.

Oh yes, tales have been told...but never quite like these. Journey with us through the pages of Gaslight and Grimm to discover timeless truths through lenses polished in the age of steam.

With tales by James Chambers, Christine Norris, Bernie Mojzes, Danny Birt, Jean Marie Ward, Jeff Young, Gail Z. and Larry N. Martin, Elaine Corvidae, David Lee Summers, Kelly A. Harmon, Jonah Knight, Diana Bastine, and Jody Lynn Nye. 

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