Teaching & Mentoring

Teaching duties

across University of Oldenburg study programs: Bachelor Biology, Master Biology, Master Neuroscience, Master Molecular Biomedicine

6.03.670 Visual Neuroscience - Retinal Anatomy

Research module for independent research projects under my supervision

57.01.130 Histological techniques in Neuroanatomy and Immunohistochemistry

Immunolabeling and microscopy for PhD candidates via OLTECH grad school.

  • Year-round, recurrent

6.03.014 Current topics of retinal research

Journal Club covering all fields of retina research, general topics concerning the Visual Neuroscience Lab

5.02.010 Synaptic Circuitry of the Retina

Joint meeting with Karin Dedek, some PhD students, and everyone else who is interested!

  • Summer term

5.02.403 Experimente zur Neurobiologie I

5.02.495 Experimentelle Methoden in der Biologie

6.03.140/141/150/151 Visual Neuroscience - Physiology and Anatomy

  • Winter term

6.03.281 Research Techniques in Neuroscience

6.03.350 Biological Foundations of Neuroscience

6.03.002 Introductory course Neurobiology

Here's my recommendation for a module path if you started a Master study program at UOL and you're excited about visual neuroscience and retina research: The background module 6.03.140/141/150/151 Visual Neuroscience gets you introduced to retina research and corresponding research techniques (immunostaining, fluorescence microscopy, electrophysiology). The research module 6.03.670 Visual Neuroscience allows you to pursue an individual research project in the Visual Neuroscience Lab under my supervision, potentially leading into a Master thesis project. A similar path is also available for Bachelor students.

Anatomy research modules and thesis projects are designed in a way that allows you to directly participate in our ongoing research work of the Visual Neuroscience Lab. Therefore, the actual content and the aims of the projects we offer to students will change as we are making progress on the corresponding research topic. I'm happy to discuss the available topics with you at the time before a project would take place.

Independent of the detailed project aims, you will become a member of our team and help me to advance our understanding of retinal anatomy. In turn, I will help you to deepen your knowledge about visual neuroscience and to acquire or improve research skills in the field of

  • Cryosectioning and wholemount preparations of the retina

  • Immunohistochemistry

  • Fluorescence (confocal laser scanning) microscopy

  • Image analysis with Fiji and other software tools

  • Literature research

  • Scientific writing and data visualization

Let me know if you would like to get more information or discuss this further.


  • PhD

Matteo Spinelli (co-supervised with Ulrike Janssen-Bienhold, 2019-today)

Sabrina Duda (co-supervised with Martin Greschner, 2017-today, including maternal/parental leave)

  • Master

Annika Köhne (current)

Lucia Lindenthal (current)

Max Manackin (current)

Sabrina Duda (2017)

  • Bachelor

Alina Klaiber (2019)

Laura Deinert (2019)

Johnno Müller (2019)

Katharina Rakowski (2018)

Jan-Oliver Voß (2017)

Laura-Janine Döring (2017)

in addition to further students in individual research projects during their Bachelor or Master program studies.