Since the earliest days of my time as a retina researcher, I used immunohistochemistry and single-cell dye injections in combination with fluorescence and electron microscopy. Later, I 'went whole-cell' in patch-clamp experiments to record light responses from individual ganglion and amacrine cells before I have put the patch pipettes aside to use 4096 electrodes at once, with CMOS MEAs to record the electrical activity from whole populations of spiking cells. Today, I explore the ultrastructure of retinal circuits in datasets of unprecendented size from multi-beam electron microscopic imaging.

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Ganglion cell bodies and axons

Clinched axon bundles

Cone pedicles

Immunolabeled ganglion cells on MEA

Dye-injected ganglion cells (Puller et al., 2015)

Cone pedicles

Bipolar cell types

Electrical synapses between horizontal cells (Puller et al., 2009)

Components of an electrical synapse (Puller et. al., 2009)

Tight junctions of the OLM

Ganglion and amacrine cells

Synapses in the outer plexiform layer