YA Horror

Another Maine Horror Writer?

I live in Maine, where we have -ahem- certain famous horror writers. As such, I never had any interest in trying to compete. But during the long, dark winters, with the wind howling down your chimney like a live thing, a man's thoughts turn to...darker pastures.

In the long twilights, I tell my boys stories. They asked me for something with vampires, and pirates, and zombies. I responded with the short story of a cabin boy who finds himself shipwrecked with a vampire crew. It grew and grew, like the darkness over the snowy pines, until it became the four books of the Marquis Papers.

Other stories have crept in, and I'm in the process of finding again the stories of the Shadow lands, the tunnel people, and tales of the dark. But if you want an adventure perfect for boys who enjoy a little horror, then the Marquis Papers is the place to start.