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March 1812 - A Swedish fishing vessel sets sail from the Polish port of Danzig (Now Gdansk) en-route for the Swedish mainland. On board, two French naval spies liaise with the boat's skipper over their mission, to spy on the British garrison stronghold on Hanö Island in preparation for a fully-fledged French invasion.

The island of Hanö (pronounced Haner), located off the southern coast of Sweden, is home to a flotilla of British warships whose job it is to keep the Baltic shipping lanes open and engage any French vessels it may come across. Frustrated and angered by constant British successes at sea, the French have drawn up secret plans for an all-out attack on the island's stronghold.

A chance encounter at sea with Anna, the beautiful daughter of the fishing boat's skipper, leads James into a passionate affair where he discovers fate waiting to deal an unforeseen hand.

Author's note:

A small cemetery located on the small island of Hanö, off the southern coast of Sweden and overlooking the waters of the Baltic Sea, is home to fifteen graves. A wooden cross, erected by the Royal Navy in 1973, marks the spot where the graves are located. In each of these graves lie the remains of a British Royal Navy sailor laid to rest after making the supreme sacrifice in service to his country and selfless fealty towards comrades. Today, British warships still visit the cemetery to pay tribute to the sailors, who in 1812 gave their lives in defending the island against the might of Napoleon’s navy. 

The characters in my story are fictitious, but through my research bear a great resemblance to the crew of a certain British frigate based on the island in 1812. I have gratefully borrowed Clifford Williams and Richard Davis to play a part in my story, two actual members of the crew whose names are still legible on the few gravestones that have weathered time to overlook the Baltic Sea from their resting place high up on Hanö’s uppermost point. Although most of its records have been lost in the annals of history, I have managed to resurrect these naval heroes to play their part yet again, in one of the many tales of valour that helped stop Napoleon’s relentless surge through the Baltic Sea and his ruthless appetite to conquer everything within his grasp.

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