Plant ecology, pathology, and physiology

Welcome to my web page!

We are doing integrative ecology at INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research) in a research group focusing on Vineyard Health & Agroecology. We are affiliated to ISVV (Institute of Vine & Wine Science) in Bordeaux.

Research in the lab focus on how the environment impacts biotic interactions and trait evolution in the context of global changes.

We are currently doing research on the impact of abiotic and biotic factors on plant physiology to understand the underlying mechanisms of grapevine decline.

My research topics include:

  • Evolutionary ecology
  • Plant pathogen evolution
  • Plant-pollinator interactions
  • Plant reproductive and pollination biology
  • Plant ecophysiology

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining the group & follow me on Twitter!

Contact information

Dr Chloé Delmas - chloe.delmas at

INRA, Centre Bordeaux Nouvelle Aquitaine

UMR SAVE 1065, Santé et Agroécologie du Vignoble

71, avenue Edouard Bourlaux

33882 Villenave d'Ornon, France


  • January 2018: welcoming two new post-doctoral researchers in the Physiopath project: Laurent Lamarque and Jérôme Pouzoulet! They will work in collaboration with Sylvain Delzon, Greg Gambetta and Nathalie Ollat. Laurent will work on the role of xylem hydraulic failure in grapevine decline and Jérôme on functional morphology of grapevine xylem in relation to resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses.

  • October 2017: Kick-off meeting of the Physiopath project! We will be working on the physiological mechanisms underlying grapevine decline. More info here.