Chippewa Valley Exploring

Exploring provides exciting activities and one-on-one mentorship for youth looking to discover their future. Whether you’re a local organization looking to strengthen the community or a young person wanting to uncover the possibilities of your future, Exploring is a great place to start.

Open House - October 20, 2021
Riverside Machine & Engineering, Eau Claire, WI

Exploring is partnering with Riverside Machine & Engineering to offer students hands-on career experiences in the field of machines and engineering. Participants will gain knowledge through working with the professionals and hands-on activities.

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October - December, 2021
Chippewa Falls, WI

Exploring is partnering with Chippewa Falls High School as well as local restoration professionals to complete a car restoration of a ‘67 Mustang Coupe. Students will start with introduction to safety, PPE, and tools, then move to welding, metalwork, automotive maintenance, engine rebuild, paint, and interior. Students will work alongside professionals to rebuild, then sell, this car!

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