Chipotle Gift Card Balance Check Online Free

Chipotle is one of the American fast dining chains. It is Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., to be exact. Its stores are in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France. It has more than 2,000 store locations. They have 1 million customers daily. Here you can experience the prestige of Mexican foods. You can help but try what they have to offer. Their specialty was tacos and burritos. Chipotle is a smoked-dried ripe jalapeño chili pepper. We can expect its food to be tasty but chili. They prepare the food in front of the customer. The food there is always served fresh and hot. They do not use processed or artificial additives. Their menu has healthy Chipotle options. Their foods are all amazing. It is a pretty good restaurant. To purchase here may be a need.

Chipotle has gift cards like any other store. It can help us in purchasing. We can easily order online. We can have its food even if we do not have cash. They offer Free and Paid Chipotle Gift card Balance. You can buy it any time of the year. The free cards are available each year. It is an ideal gift for loved ones. We can use it on gatherings and occasions. What a perfect present for a birthday! We can also give it to our acquaintances as a sign of generosity. The gift cards are so cool. Its designs are personalized. You can choose what design you like. It has the name of the cardholder. It was in print on it.

You can buy Chipotle Gift cards in two forms: eGift cards and physical cards. EGift cards are digital ones. You can send them to your family and friends through email. You can have a physical card if you want. Follow these steps to buy Chipotle Gift cards.

  • Go to your browser. Search for Buy Chipotle Gift card directly from their website. Or you can go to Look for Chipotle Gift cards.

  • Decide what card you want to have. It can be a physical card or a digital card.

  • Fill in the empty box the amount you want for your gift card. Put an appropriate amount from $5 to $250. The restaurant has food for only $7. So $10 is a good amount.

  • You will be asked for your Email ID. Enter it.

  • Check your eGift card on your email. Get your physical card in the nearest Chipotle branch. Or input your address. The card delivery is usually 4-24 hours.

We may want to check our gift card balance from time to time. There are six ways to check Chipotle Gift card Balance:

1.You can check your balance online. It is the most convenient way.

  • Go to your browser. Visit Chipotle's website. Type in

  • Fill in the required fields. They would ask for your 16-Digit gift card number, your Email ID, and your phone number.

  • Check all the details and verify.

  • Look for the "Check Balance" button. Click on it.

  • They will show the balance of your gift card.

2. You can check your balance at invoice or receipt. Have it in mind every time you purchased.

- Get your shopping invoice or receipt.

- Look for your available balance.

3. Go to the nearest Chipotle store. You can always check your balance there.

- Go to your browser. Type in

- Search for the "Locations" button. Click on it.

- Put your City, State, and Zip Code in the type box.

- They will show you the nearest restaurants in your location.

- Go to the nearest restaurant. Check your card on their checker.

You will see your card balance.

4. Every time you order, you can check your balance.

- Go to the store counter.

- You can see it over the counter. You can also ask a staff.

5. Check your balance over the phone. You can contact customer support.

- Dial the number 1-877-925-4878.

- The customer support will give you instructions. Follow it.

- Give your gift card 16-Digit number.

- They will verify your details.

- They will tell you your gift card balance.

6. Check your balance through a Gift Card Balance App. It is the most advanced way.

- Get the Gift Card Balance App. It will make you manage all gift cards in one place. Checking your Chipotle gift card will be easy.

- Add your card to the app. Use automated Chipotle Mexican Grill gift card balance checker.

- Check your balance at one glance. Just follow a few clicks.

Here is the fun part. We can have gift cards for free. Yes, free! Chipotle can be generous. Here is how to get a free Chipotle gift card:

1. Earning rewards through points

- Follow this link

- Earn 1250 points

- Every time you hit the required points, you get a FREE Chipotle.

2. Gift card through your purchases

- Purchases made by cash or a valid debit or credit card can earn points. It can be exchanged for a gift card.

3. Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes

- There are (13) Prizes rewarded each month. 52 Chipotle Burrito Cards of $10 value can be redeemed.

4. Get a Free Chipotle Gift Card at Swagbucks

- Sign up and create an account at Swagbucks.

- Take quizzes, answer surveys, watch videos, and play games.

- Reach a certain number of points.

- Exchange for a gift card of up to $25 in value.


1. How can I activate my Chipotle Gift card online?

Search on your browser on how to activate your Chipotle Gift card. There are a lot of websites for it. Visit It has many choices on how to access the cardholder options.

2. Can I exchange my Chipotle Gift card for cash?

Chipotle Gift card is not redeemable for cash. Though, sometimes it can be required by law. You can request it. Balances of less than $10 can be exchanged for cash. There are no returns and refunds on gift cards.

3. Can I sell my Chipotle Gift card?

No. The unauthorized sale of Chipotle Gift Card is prohibited. You cannot resale it. If you buy a gift card from a reseller, the card may not have value. You will just waste your money.

Now you know the things about the Chipotle Gift card. Enjoy your Chipotle Gift card!