Chiner's Story

Chiner wasn't born as much as he fell out in 2007, he was left to fend for his little pointy, bald self. Once he was able enough to make some cents, he built a den to make noise in around 2009. In his den he released three EPs Chinar the lost king of Giagai, Chiner: Chills Out, and Chiner 3 Drugs. Chiner spent everyday of 2010 creating a piece of noise for each day of that year, as a form of exercise. With all that noise he pieced together a collection of nonsense which was Chiners Back, while in the artwork stages it was thrown out a window and was never heard.  

Having made too much noise, Chiner wanted to develop more focus but was forced to move instead. During his forced move, Chiner started work on investigating the sounds that would, over a long period of time turn into Condensed Milk. In the middle of the investigation the album was almost abandoned, focus wasn't found and a producer was called in. Sadly the producer fell asleep and the project almost completely forgotten for moments. The loss of the producer was the kick in the pants Chiner needed to complete the process and the album was released in 2011. The move, album process, and the loss were too much for Chiner and he lost his body. 

 Chiner formlessly floated the astral planes for five years with nothing but an acoustic guitar to reverberate into a form from time to time. When he found himself a solid formed again, he was in a much fuzzier and taller body. He began trying to record the song he had sung himself while lost without a body. These songs became the album Objectophilla released in 2017 . Moving on from the sound he been humming himself for years in the astral plane, he started a new project without his familiar acoustic guitar. He came upon a set of all new songs which bloomed into the album Don't Mind Me, Mind the Flower also released in 2017. 

He quickly started working on another project once Don't Mind Me was done. Trying to tap into the experiences that almost human will go through in life, regardless of age, race, or gender. Chiner then found 40 fly beats to work from and try to capture those similar feelings we share in those beat. From those 40 fly beats the album A Normal Human formed and as well as the EP A Regular Day both released in 2018. With the left over beats becoming part of Painted By Ear an unreleased album of instrumentals. 

Chiner recorded over 65 demos to build from after completing A Normal Human, but sadly lost all but one of those 65 demos due to a technological problem. Starting anew Chiner found a new group of songs over the following months to mess with. Wanting focusing a solid narrative, following the story of a normal human living in modern distractions yet still having the urge to help a dying plant. Using ever musical trick Chiner knew he created Free Speach(Pay here). After completing the project Chiner wanted change. Completing a trilogy of albums formed in a similar way he felt like he had no more tricks and had exhausted his sound. 

Chiner hid in a new cave and banged out a small collection of songs that were strange and striped back. Some about aliens feeding off of other aliens love, and one being the only surviving demo that was part of that 65 set. These songs became On A Golden Train ep, but Chiner wasn't happy with the tracks nor found the change he was looking for, so the ep was balled up scarped to the dustbin.   

Then in a flash during 2019 Chiner was swept away from his new dark cave in a dustdevil and landed thousands of miles away in a swampy land surrounded by a new culture. In the time he was there he fell back in love with his first love, the acoustic guitar. Now living in a tree-house, Chiner found that change he was looking for but alluded him. Not really though since it had found him. Only using one instrument (his love and well his voice too, you know for drums and vocal stuff) in under 3 months, he pieced together the most simple, yet lush sounding album of his to date Dream-ailty. Themes about mental health cover the album, while worming behind dreams and how they can be viewed.

Leaving the tree-house in the swampy land he traveled the thousands of miles back to the land he called home. After finding a hole in a wall to live, he had some new tricks he wanted to try with another new idea to hide behind. At the start of 2020 Chiner started to pondering and scribbling down the songs that would become I Want to live in 1996. A look back to everyone's favorite time regardless if you were there or not, because homogenization had to take a solid hold at some point right?  

Realizing that he was in the mist of a new trilogy, he started forming the bones for the next project. Still without keys Chiner combined the acoustic guitar and beatboxing from Dream-ailty with the electric guitar and aleatoric sounds from I Want to live in 1996 to create Mascara de Chiner. An album about transitioning through life and not letting ourselves be masks of something we're not. But while in the middle of producing Mascara de Chiner, Chiner was hit by a wave of ideas, so overwhelming he fell out of bed. But he held himself back from following any of the ideas that overwhelmed till the current album was finished. But as soon as it was, it was time to follow those new ideas. 

Chiner wanted to celebrate himself for his 10th album. Haunted Nativity was made by sampling all of Chiner's previous albums to make new something new while trying a new style of music, hip hop. This was the first album of a new trilogy, this time writing albums without the use of guitar. After completing Haunted Nativity, Chiner had some time off before it's release. 

Wanting to step into a new role, and meeting a group of friends who played music. Chiner agreed to produce an ep for this new group of friends, they were nameless to start the project but ended it as Post-Anime. Chiner helped them record and writing songs becoming After-birth.While working with Post-Anime, Chiner started recording a new ep. This being a sequel to the ep Chiner Chills out, Chiner Chills out again. This being a alt rock ep about losing your mind. Tho Chiner hasn't released this ep minus one track with a video. 

While releasing Haunted Nativity, Chiner started recording his next album. Also wanting to try something different then hip hop, Chiner studied the history of electronic music. During this time he recorded 20 songs which would become the nine that would show up on N0 CHI11. An analog electronic album, which features a few different song writing methods. While finishing N0 CHI11, Chiner got an idea to record a house album to finish off his no guitar trilogy. Recording 18 songs being cut down to 12, heavily using a 303 clone to write songs. Alien Agenda was released in 2023 capping off Chiner's third trilogy of albums. 

During the recording of last two albums, CHiner had been collecting a new set of songs for a non-album project hopefully being shared sometime in the near future. Also songs have been demoed for a new album but more on that as time passes.....