Experience the Taste of Chinatown on your Couch


Support our family-run restaurants by ordering out and eating in.

Keep them open during this time of emergency and they will stay open for you until we get through this together.

As with the ever-changing nature of this epidemic, hours of operation may change but volunteers will keep updating this as much as possible.


What's with the Chinese Takeout Box?

Read up on secret behind the iconic design of the "Chinese" take-out box.

Information are updated as often as possible by Rose Pak Democratic Club volunteers. If you want to be included, please contact info@rosepakdemclub.org

Brandy Ho's Hunan Food

217 Columbus Ave
(415) 788-7527

A family operated and owned restaurant that has been around since the 1980. You choose the spice level you think can handle!

Website: https://www.brandyhos.com/

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Broadway Dim Sum Cafe


684 Broadway
(415) 989-2038

You want some, you get some, come get your dim sum!

Website: https://broadwaydimsum.com/

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Beyond Menu

Capital Restaurant


839 Clay Street
(415) 397-6269

Famous for their crispy fried chicken wings seasoned with dry spices and jalapenos.

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China Live

644 Broadway
415) 788-8188

Try their unique asian food with a unique American twist to it!

Website: https://chinalivesf.com/

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Chong Qing Xiao Mian


915 Kearny St
(415) 983-0888

Their noodle dishes will surely numb your mouth due to all the spices.

Website: https://abiteofchinaus.com/chong-qing-xiao-mian/

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Dim Sum


752 Jackson St
(415) 781-0721

Need a quick and fresh bite for a reasonable price? Drop by Delicious Dim Sum. Try our go to: Shrimp & Cilantro Dumpling or Pan Fried Chives & Shrimp Dumplings.

Call/Walk in to order.

Dim Sum Corner


601 Grant Ave
(415) 362-1118

Don't let the name fool you, Dim Sum Corner has more than dim sum. Check out their selection of cooked to order entrées and handcrafted teas.


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Dol Ho

808 Pacific Ave
(415) 392-2828

A local spot where people buy spare rib rice to go or just their marinated spare ribs so that you can make it at home!

Call/Walk in to order.

Enjoy Vegetarian


839 Kearny Street
(415) 956-7868

Enjoy true Chinese vegetarian cuisine that is more than just your every day ma po tofu.


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Far East Café


631 Grant Ave
(415) 982-3245

A popular spot for your Chinese food fix, from fried rice to crispy and succulent walnut shrimp.

Website: http://www.fareastcafesf.com/

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Golden Flower

667 Jackson St
(415) 433-6469

Craving for some Vietnamese rice dish? Look no further! Golden Flower is open for business and has many options for you to pick from.

Website: http://www.goldenflowervietnamese.com/

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Golden King Vietnamese Restaurant


757 Clay St
(415) 217-6888

And you think there is only Chinese food in Chinatown? Try the #1 large bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup.

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Good Mong Kok Bakery


1039 Stockton St
(415) 397-2688

Skip the usual long lines for assorted Chinese American pastry. Try their buttery custard tarts.

Call/Walk in to order.

Gourmet Delight


1045 Stockton St
(415) 392-3288

Chinese BBQ on the go! Try their crispy roasted pork or the slow roasted whole soy-marinated chicken.

Call/Walk in to order.

Grant Place Restaurant


737 Washington St
(415) 982-3705

The popular local favorite serving up family meals from Chinese BBQ to braised beef briskets.

Website: https://www.grantplacerestaurant.com

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Hang Ah Tea House


1 Pagoda PL
(415) 982-5686

Try the oldest dim sum restaurant in America. They are particularly known for their dumpling variety.

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Hing Lung Company


1261 Stockton St
(415) 397-5521

Another local favorite for Chinese BBQ. Order the duck or the chicken, or get a box of daily special with a side of rice to go.

Order online:

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House of Dim Sum


735 Jackson St
(415) 399-0888

A local favorite for your daily dim sum fix or try community favorite shrimp rice noodle rolls.


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House of Xian Dumpling


925 Kearny St
(415) 398-1626

Try their famous hand pulled noodles and dumplings to-go!

Website: https://www.houseofxiandumpling.com/

Order online:

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Hunan House


826 Washington St
(415) 398-1299

Hunan food is also known for their rich and meaty noodle soups and stews.

Call/Walk in to order.

Kam Lok Restaurant


834 Washington St
(415) 421-8102

Your go-to place for a simple Cantonese style rice plates.

Call/Walk in to order.

Kam Po BBQ Kitchen


801 Broadway St
(415) 982-3516

Amazing spot for Chinese BBQ. Can't decide? Just go for their assorted BBQ plate.

Call/Walk in to order.

Little Paris


1131 Stockton St
(415) 982-6111

In SF, one of the staple field trip lunches for us were Little Paris banh mí sandwiches. Want to switch it up? Order the sandwiches with a croissant.

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Ma's Dim Sum & Cafe


1315 Powell St
(415) 788-3532

Ma's has something for everyone. Whether it's homey Cantonese food or Chinese American style food, Ma's has it. They also have dim sum; their potstickers are a local favorite.

Website: https://www.masdimsumcafe.com/

Call/Walk in to order.

New Golden Daisy BBQ


1041 Stockton St
(415) 392-0111

Famous for their Chinese BBQ but try out the local secret and order the fried chicken drumsticks.

Call/Walk in to order.

New Lun Ting Cafe


670 Jackson St
(415) 362-5667

Locals call this place "Porkchop House" as their most famous dish is their pork chop rice covered with red sauce. Try their unique Chinese American dishes.

Call/Walk in to order.

New Regent Cafe


638 Pacific Ave
(415) 392-6688

Come here for their nostolgic childhood food that many Chinese Americans grew up eatting. From instant ramen to baked dishes. There is something for every meal.

Call/Walk in to order.

Sam Wo


713 Clay St
(415) 989-8898

Little intro needed for your fix of fried rice, chow mein, and warm bowl of rice porridge.

Website: https://www.samworestaurant.com/

Order online:

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Spicy King


65 Waverly Pl
(415) 982-6868

Spice up your shelter in place order with some numbing beef and other chili-seasoned dishes from Sichuan.

Order online:

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Sweetheart Cafe


909 Grant Ave
(415) 262-9989

Had enough savory food? Well this spot has awesome snacks, desserts, and boba drinks to hit the spot after a full meal.


Order online:

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V&J Cafe


670 Broadway
(415) 788-2822

Quick and simple Chinese food that would satisfy all your craving. Check out their Happy Hour menu for some cheap yummy afternoon snack.

Call/Walk in to order.

Wing Sing Dim Sum


1125 Stockton St
(415) 433-5571

Wing Sing Dim Sum is known for their lunch special. Choose three hot items with white rice for less than six dollars. They also have dim sum, pastries, and buns.

Call/Walk in to order.

Wong Lee Bakery


732 Jackson St
(415) 986-3759

Not sure what to eat? Check out Wong Lee Bakery. They have dim sum, noodles, buns, and pastries.

Call/Walk in to order.

Yuet Lee Seafood


1300 Stockton St
(415) 982-6020

One of the district's legacy business - try out their Hong Kong Style beef chow fun that had created controversy among Cantonese cuisine chefs across the Pacific.

Order online:

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Yummy Dim Sum and Fast Food


930 Stockton St

Chinatown's fast food now faster than ever. Order any of their rice plates for extremely affordable price.

Call/Walk in for order.

Website: http://yummydimsumsf.com/



655 Jackson St
(415) 981-8988

A Chinatown and San Francisco favorite, now without waiting! Try out their numbing fish or their infamous soup dumplings.

Website: https://www.zandyrestaurant.com/

Order online:

Caviar Doordash


Compiled by the Rose Pak Democratic Club. Please contact us if you have any questions: info@rosepakdemclub.org