Venue: The Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Square West, Dublin 1,

Date: Saturday May 13th 2017 (10am - 9pm)

Entry cost: 10 euro

Introduction: A day of wargames and boardgames with a focus on the large, long or complex games that not often seen at other Irish gaming conventions. This game genre includes titles like Here I Stand, Mega Civilisation, Advanced Squad Leader, and monster wargames like It Never Snows or The Longest Day.

This event is designed to create the critical mass of players, time and table space to make these games happen. The convention will include longer time slots, experienced game facilitators, pre-registration for some games, tutorials for new players and a free play area for pickup or shorter games.

The venue is well known to Irish gamers as centrally located in Dublin with a full bar in a well maintained historic building.

News: 20 May 2017, the official Chimera Con 2017 photos are now available here.

Thanks to Geoff for the photos and to everyone who came and made it a great day. We will certainly run another event in 2018. IF you are interested in hearing about furture events please subscribe to the iwargames mailing list.

News: 27th April 2017, Game schedule is set - free play gaming space will be available too

Schedule for Sat May

10am - 3pm Game slot 1

3pm-4pm Lunch/trading/pick up games

4pm-9pm Game slot 2

Please read our players code and anti-harassment policy. By entering Chimera Con you are agreeing to abide by these rules to respect everyone and have a good time.


Places available in organised games:

  • Slot 1: It Never Snows (1), The Longest Day (1), Struggle for Empires (2)
  • Slot 2: The Napoleonic Wars (1)

Con Organising Committee

Rob Brennan (chair)

Brian Friel

Declan Breen