To make new models for Dungeon Siege. Install this before the DSTK (Dungeon Siege Tool Kit) because DSTK puts the game pack into Gmax and may not do so afterward. One day you may decide to tackle 3D Models. And the steps for installing everything can be a nightmare if done out of order.

Some Gmax items:


Gmax12 Tutorials: DOWNLOAD


Gmax Registration Workaround: DOWNLOAD will need this...


It requires you to get an account at discreet to activate. But who knows if that even works anymore. It did back in 09. Instead download the Gmax activation workaround and run the 2 .reg files. After just click continue and good2go.

Siegemax Included. Build Worlds. Mods. Everything Dungeon Siege. Install GMAX first. A nifty world building editor. Also an Animation Editor. Also test run your mods in the game before commit. Installs for both DS1 and LOA.

DSTK 1.1: Download

Siegemax Update 1.3: DOWNLOAD

DSTK 1.5: Download

SiegeMax Update 1.5e: Download

Which has the Lance ASP, SNO Import Scripts!

DSTK 1.6: Download

Siege University: Download Must Have │ Tutorial Map: Download

Convert Gmax Scene to OBJ: Download

OBJ Import Script: Download │ GmaxListernerTray: Download

Train Simulator Max: Download

Train Update: Download

Tempest Gmax: DownloadGuide

Lazarus Editing Environment: Download

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See all of Dungeon Siege's 3D Models. The 3D models of DS are Asp files.

Or in some parts, SnoViewer. The Terrain Objects found in Dungeon Siege are called SNO files. Your world builder will assemble these into a world.

View and extract Dungeon Siege's g̶u̶t̶s̶ files. View the contents of the game's .dsres files. And then use the extract button to gain access to it. Or extract the entire contents. Double click on a .raw file and view a thumbnail of the texture.

Recompile your mods into a .dsres file. Which then go into the dungeonsiege/resources folder.

Raw2Psd: Download

Raw2Bmp: Download

Psd2Raw: Download

Dungeon Siege Spell Weapons Generator: Download


OBJ Import/Export: Probably best to design and edit your models in a different program. One that isn't so aggravating as Gmax is. Then use an importer to get the model back into Gmax. You can use parts of Xaa's tutorial 'converting a Sims character to Dungeon Siege.' Firstly, you can export any DS content to use with another program, which is what I do. You can download the above MS script for exporting OBJ files. OBJ files are really a list of polygon positions. The script above will generate this list which you can see in the Gmax Listener Window. Normally you would copy this list and paste it into Notepad. But instead of saving as a .txt file, save a an .OBJ file. However Gmax won't let you. You can only copy maybe 20 lines (I'm guessing but its a small amount).

To get around this problem use the Gmax Lister Tray. It will copy all of the contents of the gmax Listener window as an OBJ file. From there you can make all kinds of adjustments in a free 3D program. Like Blender 3D. After you are ready, export from the 3rd party program (Blender) as an OBJ file AGAIN. Then use the above OBJ import into Gmax script. That script goes into your gmax/scripts/startup folder. In Siegemax it may not be ready to use yet, so click the little hammer icon at the right. At the bottom click Run Script, and load the obj script. A OBJ WAVEFRONT shows in the box but nothing is working yet, so click that box and select Wavefront OBJ again and presto it wakes up. Now use the import button to import it. From experience, only the perspective window shows the model, or sometimes the model is too small and needs to be scaled up to finally see it. I mean really tiny at the very bottom and zoomed far in.

Again be sure to install Gmax before installing the Dungeon Siege Tool Kits...

Installing DSTK 1.7: This is the latest version. I forget if you need to install the others first or you can install this by itself. You can install them over a previous version. However the 1.5e has the wonderful Lance's import Sno, Asp model scripts!!! But 1.5e requires 1.5 to be installed, it is only an addon. I usually install the first one. Then 1.5e, then 1.7.

The Art Packs contain 3D Models and textures from the game. Farmgirl and Farmboy. Some monsters. Several Wepaons. Lots of goodies. You can load them into your projects.

Hacking: There are some things you won't even need an editor for. If you want to change the texture of a helmet or a sno terrain object, just make your new texture have one letter or number different in the name. Then use a HEX editor to change that one letter in the name seen there. Then save it as a new version. Saves a whole lot of time you will need for other stuff.

Converting Image Files: Dungeon Siege's textures are .RAW files. You can see what they are in TankViewer. After you extract them you will have to convert them to a format you can edit in a paint program. Photoshop certainly is the obvious choice and this is the purpose of the Raw2Psd app. You simple drag a raw file right on top of the exe and it will automatically create a twin version that now has the .PSD tag at the end. Go ahead and edit them in Photoshop.

Once you have all our textures ready, you can use the Psd2Raw app. Use it the same way you would use Raw2Psd.

SiegeUniversity 100, 101 102, etc: Is a CHM file. Windows, in its never ending quest to annoy everyone everywhere has decided to 'Block CHM help files' for your own safety and security. It could be to push their later version of help. Anyways all you have to do is right click on it and click the 'Unblock' button.

Modding: It is all about the names! Every single item ONLY WORKS IF IT HAS THE RIGHT NAME. That goes for animations. Textures. 3DModels. And your Gas files need these names in order to function. Gas files can be opened with Notepad, or any text editor. Its structure is a formula of what comprises an item. Here is an example of a helmet gas:

This code was found in the midst of a whole lot of helmet's code in the arm_helm.gas. If you copied the above code into notepad. Then changed the f defense = 11 to a different rating then you could make it stronger and weaker. If you had a new texture for this helmet, you could change it. Or make a new one by first changing the name above. Example he_ca_pl_mine. Then change the armor style to change it to the texture. Your new texture could end with 298 instead of 014. Or it could end with a name instead of a number. Change that and then save it to a new gas like: new_armor.gas.

Then use Tankcreator to 'Tank' it. Get it? GasPoweredGames... Gas, Tankviewer/creator. Put the new .dsres file into Dungeon Siege's resources folder.

I will explain the names above.

Armor style is the texture name. In this case the texture is actually called: b_a_hlmt_014

B_ is for Bitmaps

_A_ is for Armor

_Hlmt_ is for Helmets

_014 is the number in the list.

Your new texture name could have number 511 or be a name instead: b_a_hlmt_purple.raw, and the code above would look like: armor_style = purple;

Type14 refers to the 3D ASP Model of the helmet. Because a 3D model can have more then one texture. But you can also make your own custom helmet with Gmax/Siegemax. This helmet is called: m_a_hlmt_type14.asp

Missing the siegeeditorextras.dsres? ...DOWNLOAD

If you follow the SUCompilation 100: Tutorial... and when it gets to custom view and are missing the items suggested. (cgm_afterlife_tutorial) etc... Here is the fix...

Solution 1:

Solution 2:

In solution 2 it suggest extracting the contents of siegeeditorextras.dsres with either TankViewer or the Siege Editor to the C:\My Documents\Dungeon Siege\Editor\custom_view folder.

Note that later windows puts 'My Documents' in the USER path so you may have to step down the folder tree... c: Users (your user name) my documents dungeon siege Editor custom_view.

Also some tips, gizmos view can be turned off and still placed. If you don't know this then it can be hectic. After placing any object or gizmo or light, be sure to turn off the object placement mode or you can end up spamming your custom map with copies of the objects.