Did you like playing Origin's Ultima V?

What if there was a 3D remake of this wonderful classic?

Well there is!!!

Team Lazarus from Project Britannia has done just that.

It is a siegelet for the Dungeon Siege game engine.

Now we can play Ultima 5 In The Wonderful Dungeon Siege 3D Engine!

Some background:

Wikipedia: Dungeon Siege is an action role-playing game developed by Gas Powered Games and published by Microsoft on April 5, 2002, for Microsoft Windows, and the following year for MacOS.


A Siegelet is fan based Addon, (although others have been released from Developers). An entire playable map and custom characters, weapons, monsters, unique physics. There are many siegelets that are all FREE and can be downloaded from many places. Go to the LINKS page to see more.

Project Britannia has released 2 complete games for Dungeon Siege: Ultima V Lazarus, and Ultima 6 False Prophet.

It requires you have Dungeon Siege (and patched to the most recent version), or Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna expansion pack (which includes the fully patched version of the original game). Years ago, when I first discovered Lazarus, I knew nothing about Dungeon Siege. So I downloaded the DEMO to see how it looks. On a whim I also downloaded the Lazarus U5 Mod (Siegelet) and pointed the shortcut at the Demo... AND IT WORKED!!! So Lazarus is completely playable from the DEMO. I don't remember if I patched the demo or the demo is already patched. Or if I had downloaded the LOA (Lands Of Aranna Expansion Pack DEMO) to make it work. But the moral is I was able to download and play Ultima 5 Lazarus for free.

Of course I liked Dungeon Siege and have purchased the combined (Deluxe?) version of DungeonSiege/LOA from Amazon, and found them both to be very entertaining.

To start playing Ultima V Lazarus:

1. Buy and Install Dungeon Siege, and patch it to the latest.

Or buy LOA and it is already patched.

2. Download Ultima V Lazarus from Project Britannia.

I will also host a copy to my Google Drive.

3. Run the Ultima V Lazarus Installer and follow the directions.

A separate folder is created for the Lazarus: C:\Lazarus

On your desktop a shortcut will be created. This is important. All Siegelets require this shortcut. However there are mod programs that will 'Hot Load' whatever siegelet or Mod for Dungeon Siege. But Lazarus is not like any of those and requires the shortcut. The shortcut targets the Dungeonsiege.exe, while the maps and resources that get loaded are pointed at the Lazarus folder location. If Lazarus fails to launch, it is probably because the target paths are not correct. When you right click on the shortcut and select properties, take a look at the target path.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Dungeon Siege\dungeonsiege.exe" map_paths=!"c:\Lazarus\resources" res_paths="c:\Lazarus\resources"

The first part is the path to the dungeon siege's Exe. Most likely this will be what is wrong. Because people may have it somewhere else. Be sure to locate where DS's .exe file is and copy it's location and then paste it in the first path listed in the target. (Between the parenthesizes. If there are no parenthesizes then the path won't work, since there is a 'space' in the path. Just keep the parenthesizes anyways, for Pete's sake.) Now your game will launch.