Chia-Ying Lee

About me

I'm an Associate Research Scientist at the International Research Institute (IRI) for Climate and Society, Columbia University. I am working on tropical cyclone (TC) and climate, and my research topics include developing a statistical-dynamical TC downscaling system for risk assessment, Madden–Julian oscillation and TC relationships in seasonal to subseasonal (S2S) dataset. I have a background in Atmospheric Science. I received my B.S, and M.S. at the National Taiwan University under Professor Chun-Chieh Wu. In 2007, I attended the Meteorology and Physical Oceanography(MPO) division at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS) at the University of Miami. I worked with Professor Shuyi Chen on air-sea coupled modeling in TCs and received my degree in 2012.

Research interest

I am interested in high-impact weather phenomena, and their relation to climate, particularly regarding TCs. There are three directions in my research. The first one is focused on improving our understanding of the physical processes driving TCs, including the climate controls of storm activity. The second aspect of my research is to apply this physical understanding to predictive models. To this end, my current research includes seasonal to subseasonal hurricane predictions, and long-term risk assessment in both the current and warming climates. Effective preparedness, improved resilience to TCs, and sustainability require multidisciplinary efforts. These include earth science (e.g., to advance our understanding of hurricanes and improve the predictive models), social science (e.g., communication studies, economics, public health), civil engineering (e.g., infrastructure design), etc. The third aspect of my work is to work with scientists from the relevant disciplines for the purpose of building a pathway that links my work in physical science research to societal applications.