CHI 2020 Workshop

Designing Safety Critical Interactions:

Hunting Down Human Error

Almost any presentation dealing with severe incidents with safety-critical systems contains some slides about human errors made at operation time (i.e., when the system is in use) that have been causing severe incidents or accidents. In many domains, a multitude of devices and machines from different brands in different generations have been crammed together, which we now call a command and control interface. The bridging of functions across devices, the decision making, the overview, the handling of partially imprecise or conflicting information are often just offloaded to the human. Thus, there appears to be a need to shift the attention from avoiding human error (at operation time) to avoiding design error. In this workshop, we aim to provide a forum to discuss such a paradigm shift and the implication on the methods and tools for designing and evaluating HCI technology in safety-critical environments.

  • Position paper: February 11, 2020 updated to February 18, 2020
  • Notification: February 28, 2020
  • Workshop at CHI2020: The workshop will tke place saturday April 25th, 2020 before CHI 2020

Safety Critical Interaction in Emergency Care

Safety Critical Interaction in Maritime Navigation

Safety Critical Interaction in Aviation

Safety Critical Interaction in Production