Library Media Center Philosophy

The Library Media Center is the place where all students and staff feel safe and welcome and are encouraged to have a lifelong love of reading, learning, and exploring

Library Media Center Goals

  • Create an inviting space where students want to come to the library, feel part of a community, and have a purpose to be there

  • Connect, communicate, and collaborate with administration and staff on the needs of the Library Media Center Program

  • Provide students access to resources to enrich their needs for recreational reading and research experience

  • Create a Makerspace to allow students opportunities to invent, build, and creat

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that all students are life-long learners. Students are all unique individuals, and as their teacher, I will guide them through their journey to learn. I will provide them with a stimulating education and a variety of learning tools. They will have experiences to ensure they grow emotionally, socially, mentally, and physically. Students will always feel safe in my class by allowing them to express themselves without any judgment and also learn to embrace the differences in everyone. Our small classroom community will feel like a family and not just a class.