Unit 2: Polynomial Functions

Part 1: Polynomial Operations, Compositions, and Inverses

Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Multiplying Polynomials

Dividing Polynomials Part 1

Dividing Polynomials Part 2

Composition of Functions with a Number Value

Composition of Functions with Algebraic Values

Composition of Functions Word Problems

Combining Operations and Compositions

Finding Inverses Algebraically

Graphing the Inverse of a Function

Using Compositions to Prove Inverses

Combining Operations, Composition & Inverse

Composing Functions in Different Forms

Quiz Review Part 1

Quiz Review Part 2

Quiz Review Part 3

Part 2: Polynomial Division, Remainder and Factor Theorems, Finding Zeroes

Polynomial Long Division

More Advanced Polynomial Long Division

Synthetic Division Part 1

Synthetic Division Part 2

Synthetic Division when A > 1

Remainder Theorem

Sum and Difference of Cubes

Finding the Zeroes of Higher Degree Polynomials Part 1

Finding the Zeroes of Higher Degree Polynomials Part 2

Review Part 1

Review Part 2

Review Part 3

Part 3: Graphing, End Behavior, and Multiplicity

End Behavior of Polynomials

Sketching Polynomials Given Zeroes

Writing Possible Polynomials Given Zeroes

Multiplicity Part 1

Multiplicity Part 2

Graphing Polynomial Functions Part 1

Graphing Polynomial Functions Part 2

Unit Test Review Part 1

Unit Test Review Part 2