Welcome to the webpage of Chenmin SUN (孫晨旻)

-I am a junior researcher of CNRS (Chargé de recherche), affilated at LAMA , Universtité Paris-Est Créteil

My primary research interest is the analysis of Partial Differential Equations.  More specifically, I am interested in problems related to the wave propagation phenomenon.  Wave is a fundamental object in the physics and  other branches of science.  In mathematics, we use partial differential equations  to model different types of waves arising in mechanics,  electromagnetism, hydrodynamics, quantum physics.  The serious mathematical research of waves dates back to the age of Euler,  D' Alembert, Lagrange, Laplace,  Poisson, ....  The two common families of  these equations are hyperbolic equations and dispersive equations.   

I am currently working on the following topics:

 I am open to other topics realted to Analyis, PDE and Mathematical physics. 

Here you can find my detailed CV (updated in January 2023) . 

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email: chenmin.sun@cnrs.fr or chenmin.sun1991@gmail.com