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When should I book to get the best flight ticket prices?

Most travelers know that booking a flight at the last minute means paying through the nose. Delaying the booking much might lead to missing out on the cheap airfare. So cheap flight tickets can be booked if you book on time, booking earlier is better.

Best Day of the Week to Buy

There’s an often-repeated wives’ tale that Tuesday is the best day of the week to buy plane tickets. Travel booking sites agree that’s overblown. After analyzing five years worth of data, Google found no big savings to be had by targeting any particular day of the week, though buying midweek may save you a few dollars. Flights were about 1.9% cheaper if bought midweek — on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday — compared to those purchased on a weekend.

Best Day of the Week to Fly

Historically, it’s been cheaper to fly in the middle of the week than on the weekend, especially on Sunday. On average, domestic flights that depart on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday have been 20% cheaper than weekend departures. But the two-year Covid-19 pandemic has impacted this metric.

“One of the trends we've seen, especially when comparing 2020 through 2022, is we've seen a shift towards some flexibility around weekend travel,” says Byers. “So for example, on Memorial Day weekend, we see a shift towards Thursday departures and pulling some of that travel earlier into the week versus prior years. And we think that's in some part due to increased flexibility and, and some changing patterns in work.
Which is the best site to book flights?

1. Cheapflight.vip

Cheapflight.vip is a popular OTA that introduced the Name Your Own Price tool and opaque bookings. It is one of the most popular sites for flight booking, where it is very easy for anyone to log into and create an account. You can access this flight booking website from anywhere. One of the nice things about searching for flights on Priceline is that it has a nice color-coded calendar so you can easily see which days offer the lowest prices.

Why do we choose Cheapflight?

  • It has a great number of options for all tourists.

  • You can find hotels, trains, flights, and other tickets more easily.

  • This app is great to get flight bookings at lowest airfare.

2. MakeMyTrip

It is one of the most popular sites for flight booking, where it is very easy for anyone to log into and create an account. You can access this flight booking website from anywhere. You can visit their website or simply download their app on your smartphone to get great offers and discounts on flight bookings. Its app is considered the best for flight booking in India.

Why do we choose MakeMyTrip?

  • It has a great number of options for all tourists.

  • You can find hotels, trains, flights, and other tickets more easily.

  • This app is great to get flight bookings at lowest airfare.

  • Cheapest Flight Booking Site

3. Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook is one of the premium travel organizations that have been in the travel industry for a very long time. It is a preferred travel partner for many upscale travelers who are looking for nothing but the best travel experience. Thomas Cook provides you with many options, and once you become a regular partner with them, it will be difficult to look anywhere else.
Why do we choose Thomas Cook?

  • Promotes foreign trade.

  • Trip insurance and other advantages.

  • Spread across multiple cities and nations.

  • Best discounts on tickets and lodging.

Secret Tricks To Book Cheapest Flight

  • Be Ready To Adjust a Little with the Dates: Before selecting a particular date and finishing the booking, it is advisable to check the price chart for the entire month or the week when you are planning to travel. You might just discover a fair drop in prices 2-3 days before or after the decided date of your travel. You can adjust your date of travel and choose the day that presents the cheapest flight tickets.

  • Avoid Choosing Weekends for Traveling: Airfares experience a surge in prices during weekends especially on Fridays and Sundays. To fetch cheap air tickets, it is recommended to travel mid-week when the prices are comparatively lower and often discounted. Another important point to note is that you must prefer booking air tickets at midnight from Monday to Wednesday.

  • Hunt for Red-Eye Flight: A red-eye flight is a term used for flights that take off in the late-night hours and reach the destination early in the morning. If you are comfortable traveling these hours, you will certainly end up booking cheapflight tickets. Especially when you are looking for cheap international flights, the red-eye flights will be a great choice.

  • Keep Your Searches Top Secret : It is a common observation that while you search for flights through your browser, the fares instantly shoot up. This happens due to cookies planted by the websites on your computer to push you to complete the booking before the prices increase further. Hence, it is advisable to always search flights in the incognito window which does not save the past searches and even after plenty of research you can get cheap flight tickets booked.

In Google Chrome or Safari, incognito is enabled by hitting Command (or “Control” if using PC), Shift, “N”. For Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, hit Command (or “Control” if using a PC), Shift, “P”. This will open a new browser window where your information is not tracked, thus not inflating prices as you search. Note: if you're using an older version of OS X, open Safari then click “Safari” in the menu bar, and select “Private Browsing”.

  • Follow Airline Social Pages and Newsletters: Airlines plan flash sales, offer discount vouchers and coupons that can help you in booking cheap air tickets. To know the specific dates of the sale and validity of the discount coupons you can subscribe to their newsletters and also follow the social media pages to be updated about such offers.

  • Book Your Tickets Well in Advance: While you finalize your destination, do not wait much for finalizing the date of travel. Once you are sure with the dates, begin your flight research and get done with the flight booking within a week or so. Delaying the booking much might lead to missing out on the cheap airfare. So cheap flight tickets can be booked if you book on time.

Which day of the week is the best day to buy cheap airline tickets?

For both U.S. domestic and international travel, Sundays can be cheaper for airline ticket purchases. Fridays tend to be the most expensive day to...

When is the best time to buy airline tickets?

Based on 2020 And 2021 global flight data for Economy tickets, prices usually start to increase 56 days before departure for domestic flights. When...

Which are the cheapest days to fly?

Analysis of domestic and international airfare prices shows that flying out on Fridays can be cheaper. Many travelers start their trips on Sundays,...

Which is the cheapest month to fly?

The cheapest month to fly can vary depending on where you’re going, so finding the best rates largely comes down to avoiding peak travel times for...

How can I find the cheapest flights on Expedia?

Compare cheap airline ticket prices at a glance from a large inventory of carriers on Expedia. You can get cheap flights by staying flexible with t...

How can I save money on flights?

Mixing and matching airline tickets and fare types could help save money on airfare to your destination. Easily compare prices for carriers, arriva...

How can I get cheap last-minute flight deals?

The historical data analysis of flight pricing patterns shows that you can still find amazing airfare deals 3 weeks prior to departure* when travel...

How do I book with Expedia?

Booking your flight with Expedia is easy, as all you have to do is implement your travel dates, departure destination, like flights from Atlanta...

What should I look out for when booking flights?

Several factors go into any flight booking, and you’ll need to keep an eye out for them all to ensure that you get the travel time, luggage policy,...

Frequently Asked Questions - About Cheap Flights

Q: Where can I book the cheapest flight tickets online?

A: Cheapflight.vip offers you the best deals and offers on both domestic as well as international flight booking. With reliable transaction options, tracking interface, amazing offers and last minute flight deals, you can easily book the cheapest air tickets anytime.

Q: When should I book to get the cheapest flight tickets?

A: In order to get cheapest air tickets, you should ideally book the tickets 2-3 weeks before the actual date of journey for domestic travel and for international travel, you should book the tickets 4-5 months before the journey to get cheap flight tickets.

Q: Which airlines should I prefer for booking cheap air tickets?

A: Some of the domestic airlines like cheapflight.vip, Indigo and GoAir offer pocket-friendly cheap flight tickets. For cheap international flights, you can go for Air Asia, Scoot and Tiger Airways.

Q: How can I book cheap flight tickets through cheapflight.vip?

A: Booking cheap flight tickets through cheapflight.vip is super convenient and easy. On the flight booking page, you just need to enter the “From” and “To” destinations. After this, you enter a date and further click on the calendar icon through which you will get to know the prices for the entire month. After finalizing the date and entering the passenger count, you need to click on the search icon. You will get plenty of options from different airlines to choose from.

Q: Is it recommended to buy an air ticket at the airport?

A: No, it is recommended to book air tickets online through cheapflight.vip as you can get some great last minute flight deals whereas on the airports buying flight tickets can be relatively expensive.