Research Projects



  • 科技部 優秀年輕學者研究計畫 - 發展閉迴路腦機介面以強化多重任務時的狀況認知 MOST 108-2628-E-019-001-MY3 (PI)
  • 科技部 腦科學專案計畫 - 正念鑄心:整合神經回饋與虛擬實境以增進中老年族群的身心腦健康 MOST 108-2321-B-038-005-MY2 (co-PI)
  • 科技部 新進人員研究計畫 - Navigation Task Training Enhances Cognitive Skills that Decline with Age or Diseases, MOST 105-2221-E-009-069 (PI)
  • Brain Signatures across Chronic Pain Disorders, MOST 106-2321-B-010-009 (Research Associate)


  • 睡眠呼吸中止症患者之多項生理訊號特徵萃取、分析與探勘, sponsored by MediaTek, 2018-2020 (PI)

INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS - sponsored by US Army Research Lab / DCS Corp.

  • Investigate the Multitasking-related Neural Co-Modulation among Independent Brain Processes, CaN-CTA-MTM, $146,222 USD (PI)
  • Brain-State Drift Detection and Management for Uncertainty Estimation and Human Performance Modeling, CaN-CTA-ACA-BSDD, $90,000 USD (Co-PI)
  • Adaptive Robust Closed-Loop Real-Time BCI Systems with Minimum Calibration, CaN-CTA-ACA-ARMC, $135,000 USD (Co-PI)
  • The Analysis and Interpretation of Real-Life EEG and non-EEG Data Collected in Two Unprecedented Longitudinal Studies, CaN-CTA-RWN-VDELS, $187,500 USD (Co-PI)
  • Mutually Adaptive & Closed-Loop Overall Performance Management System, CaN-CTA-RWN-BCI-maBCI, $140,000 USD (Co-PI)