The Mayor holds the executive power of the City of Chattanooga. It is ultimately their job to figure out how the laws that the City Council passes should be implemented. The Mayor (with the approval of the City Council) also organizes the city departments, appoints department and committee heads, and writes the city budget. There are currently 15 candidates running for Mayor. Below you can view each candidate website as well as their Chattanooga Civics interview if available.

Tim Kelly (Runoff)

Businessman, Chattanooga Football Chairman

Kim White (Runoff)

Former president of the River City Company

Monty Dewayne Bell

Homeless journalist and activist

No website found

Monty Bruell

Entrepreneur, investor, and consultant

Lon Cartwright

No bio found

No website found

Christopher Dahl

Activist, historian, and entrepreneur

D'Angelo Davis

Activist and president of the IAM foundation

Russell Gilbert

Sitting councilman for District 5

Wade Hinton

Former City Attorney

Christopher Long

Architectural and engineering consultant

George Ryan Love

No bio found

Andrew McLaren

US Marine veteran, private protection agent

Erskine Oglesby

Sitting councilman for District 7

Robert C Wilson

No bio found

No website found

Dr. Elenora Woods

Dentist, philanthropist, and civil rights activist