Chattanooga Bees

A citizen science study on honey bee health and beekeepers of Chattanooga

Mission of the project

The aim of our study is to assess beehive health and disease prevalence in honeybees (Apis mellifera spp.) and how it relates to beekeeper practices along an urban-rural gradient around Chattanooga, Tennessee

For many years, pollinators have been on the decline. This includes the honey bee as well as native bees, flies, beetles, and butterflies. Today, an average of 39% of honey bee hives are lost annually (source: bee informed). We are aiming to assess beekeeper behavior in the Chattanooga area, inspect the health of hives, and see how this may vary based on location relative to the city.

We seek to better understand beekeepers through surveys that assess beekeeping practices, number of and location of hives, and demographics.

We will also be working with beekeepers to assess the health of the hive.


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