Party FAQs

When is the party?
Sunday 29th October 2023, 2pm-4pm.

Where is the party?
Holy Trinity Church Hall, Church Lane, Bromley, BR2 8LB.

Is there parking?
Yes, there is a small car park attached to the hall as well as free on-street parking on Church Lane.

Will there be food?
Party food will be provided for the kids, refreshments for the adults.

Can you cater to my child's dietary requirements?
We can certainly try! Please let Teresa know of anything by 14th October.

Are siblings welcome?
Yes, siblings are welcome although please bear in mind that the entertainment (bouncy castle) has an
age limit of 6 years old and all invitees are aged 3 and under. Please let Teresa know if you plan to bring any extra friends!

Is there a dress code?
Whatever your child/ren feel comfortable hopping around in.

What would Charlie like for his birthday?
Charlie is a very lucky boy and doesn't need any gifts! Your child/ren's attendance will be enough!

I've got another question...
Please feel free to get in touch with Teresa on  07812130111.