BGU Combinatorics Seminar

Location: Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Deichman Building 58, Room -101

Time: Tuesday, 13:00-14:00

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Spring 2019

18 June Shira Zerbib (Iowa State) Envy-free division of a cake without the “hungry players" assumption.

14 May, Roman Glebov (BGU) The number of Hamiltonian decompositions of regular graphs.

30 April, Minki Kim (Technion) TBA Rainbow independent sets in certain classes of graphs.

2 April, Elad Horev (Ariel University) TBA Towards an asymmetric random Rado theorem and related random perturbation problems for dense sets of integers.

26 March, Istvan Kovacs (University of Primorska) Symmetry properties of rose window graphs.

12 March, Ferdinand Ihringer (Ghent University) Rank bounds on the Independence Number.

5 March, Roman Glebov (BGU). A problem of Erdos and Sos on 3-graphs.

Fall 2018

15 January, Csaba Toth (CSUN). Polygonizations for disjoint line segments.

15 January (SPECIAL TIME: 14:15), Andrey Kupavskii (Oxford). Simple juntas for shifted families.

8 January, Roman Glebov (BGU). Finite Forcible Graphons.

1 January, Chaya Keller (Technion) improved upper and lower bounds on the Hadwiger-Debrunner numbers

25 December, Bruno Jartoux (BGU). Piercing edges with subsets in geometric hypergraphs.

18 December, Ilan Karpas. Frankl's conjecture for dense families.

11 December, Yaar Solomon (BGU). Dense Forests and Low Visibility.

4 December, Arnold Filtser (BGU). Steiner Point Removal with distortion O(log k), using the Relaxed Voronoi algorithm.

20 November, Noam Lifshitz. Sparse Sharp Thresholds and Hypercontractivity.

Spring 2018

4 June, Chris Cox (Carnegie Mellon). A fractional version of Haemers' bound.

28 May, Roman Glebov (HUJI). Perfect Matchings in Random Subgraphs of Regular Bipartite Graphs.

21 May, Yotam Svoray (BGU). A Combinatorial Game and an Efficiently Computable Shift Rule for the Prefer Max De Bruijn Sequence.

14 May, Alexandre Rok (BGU). CF-Coloring of String Graphs.

30 April, Gabriel Nivasch (Ariel University). Grid Peeling and the Affine Curve-Shortening Flow.

16 April, Charles Wolf (BGU). Applications of the Container Method.

26 March, Zilin Jiang (Technion). How to guess an n-digit number.

12 March, Gabor Damasdi (HUJI). Conical Partitions for Point Sets.

5 March, Esther Ezra (Bar Ilan). Constructive Polynomial Partitioning for Lines in R^3 and its Applications.

Fall 2017

17 January 2018, Uli Wagner (IST Austria). Shellability is NP-complete.

10 January 2018, Zur Luria (HUJI). Some Properties of Random Hypergraphs.

3 January 2018, Leonardo Martinez (BGU). Further Consequences of the Colorful Helly's Theorem Hypothesis.

27 December 2017, Rani Hod (Bar Ilan). Component games on random graphs.

13 December 2017, Eran Nevo (HUJI). On face numbers of cubical polytopes.

6 December 2017, Shira Zerbib (Michigan). Colorful Coverings of Polytopes.

29 November 2017, Martin Balko (BGU). Almost-equidistant sets.

22 November 2017, Alberto Fernandez Boix (BGU). Free Pairs of a Simplicial Complex, and an Application.

15 November 2017, Chaya Keller (BGU). Quantitative Helly-type theorems.

8 November 2017, Charles Wolf (BGU). On the number of ordinary lines in complex space.