Charles Bergeron

Interested in...

  • My resume.
  • My LinkedIn profile.
  • This summer, I relocated to Houston. I have 15 years experience developing big data algorithms. Let's discuss your needs, my expertise, and how they fit together!
  • I'm training for my first sprint triathlon this Fall.
  • While I was a faculty member at ACPHS, I hosted 80 livestreamed Friday Forum seminars. The 11th and 50th are showcased. This series' posters are here.
  • Until recently, I co-organized PechaKucha in Albany. Our most recent PK Night was at Opalka Gallery on Friday 10 February 2017. We had 12 excellent speakers and a great audience of ~200. Stay tuned for the next one!
  • In Albany, I led a weekly group run on Wednesdays evenings through Albany Running Exchange. I also directed the Before the Leaves Have Fallen Half-Marathon run.
  • My Calculus Two textbook. Find it here.
  • My Differential Equations textbook. Find it here.
  • A talk I presented on running at PK Pittsfield in 2016.
  • A talk I presented on Multiple Instance Ranking at ICML 2008.
  • A blog post praising my poster from NYAS 2010.
  • A blog post that I think I influenced.